Monday, January 24, 2011

Persimmons on my Design Wall

top with Smokey
This is a quilt that I made when I lived in California.  One of those that the top was finished but the back wasn't.  I decided it is time.  I hope to do this several times this year that is to say, get those backs finished. 

Template cuts on top
Since the top is finished it is the back that is on my design wall.  As you can see from the pictures I had made a lot of strata and cut with a template the shapes.  I had a lot and I do mean a lot of waste from the strata.  This fabric was not cheap and I was not about to throw away all of that waste.  I made a border for the top by putting the strata together in different directions.  I have also used some of the strata on the back.  I named this quilt Persimmons: food of the gods.  The botonical name in Greek means food of the gods.  So I thought that will do.............

"waste" border on top
Notice in the "top" picture sittting on the corner is nosy Smokey.  He just looooves to be checking out what is going on. 

It is a gloomy day in southwest Lousiana.  Temps not bad, but oh so gloomy.  We did have sunshine over the weekend.  It was a nice break.
Back - not finished

"waste" on back

Hope all is well...........Click on pictures for a better view...........


  1. Really nice quilt and back! I hope that you will make the trip to Lafayette to hear Bonnie Hunter Tuesday morning (9am) or Night (6:30pm).