Monday, December 16, 2013

December Pineapple...........

December Pineapple Pattern
Not much new here.  We had frost again this morning.  We have had frost several mornings.  I am hoping that all the foliage in the yard makes it come spring. 

December Pineapple.............

This pattern is a 2 block pattern quilt, both are 5" blocks and are paper pieced.

There are 144 blocks in the design.  The quilt measures 77 X 77.  The paper piecing patterns are included.  How-to paper piece instructions or how to put a quilt together are not included. 

Cost - $15 - if you are interested in a pattern contact me through my email address.

I am working on this quilt.  This is what I have at this time.  
December Pineapple

Hope all is well with you.............

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Pattern, Practicing

I am practicing for my move to Iowa.  Yesterday I went to a craft sale.  It was cold.  I wore a coat and gloves.  Thankfully it was held inside.  It was about 40 degrees.  I noticed this morning it was below zero in Iowa.  Now that is cold.


December Pineapple
I am working on another pattern.  I have always said that there is no way that I could make a two color quilt.  I would get bored, I would start it and never finish it.  Well, I have decided that I am going to make a two color quilt but it is going to be many shades.  My background color is actually a tannish white with brush strokes of color, very faint, but it is there.  In the end, it probably will not qualify as a two color quilt.  I am using blue batiks and most of the batiks have other colors blended in them.  It is about as close to a two color quilt as I will probably ever get.  Here is a "teaser" of the pattern.  I am working on the pattern and should have it finished soon.  The quilt you see under it, I will make a pattern of it also possibly in January.

Hope all is well with you.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


I was born in Iowa.  I still have kin there and several close friends.  I am sure that anyone who reads this blog has heard me say "it is hot."   Last year about did me in.  I honestly don't think I can do another year of day in and day out, week after week, month after month of 90 degree plus weather and humidity on top of it.  I have several other reasons for deciding to pick up and move but the above is a good one.  So, hopefully sometime before it gets hot, my house will be sold and I will trek north to Iowa. 

Iowa of course is not perfect.  It does get cold and sometimes it gets really cold.  I am retired, I don't have to do anything I don't want to do, I can stay inside and quilt.  There is nothing prettier than watching snow falling.  And since I can stay in and look at it I don't have to put up with the negatives. 

For the last several weeks I have been on and looking for that perfect house that will suit what I need and a little of what I want.  I have been keeping a spread sheet, in that way, I can easily compare houses that I like and look at the pros and cons at the same time.  I will let you know how my hunt goes. 

Now quilting..............

Forever Grateful
This quilt is one that I started at a retreat.  There is 27 pieces in a block.  It takes time to make one.  I managed to get a few made at that retreat.  I brought it home put it away and the next year I dug it out for retreat.  I made a few more blocks.  I put it away.  Then I decided that it would be my project when sewing with the Stitch and Cackle Quilt Circle group.  I got a few more blocks done.  Then I decided that if I was ever going to finish this quilt I would have to work on it more.  So I did, but then, I got bored and you know what happens when I get bored.  So it is languishing on my design wall waiting for me to get the quilt off the top of it that I am presently working on.

Hope all is well with you..............

Sunday, December 1, 2013

I'm Back................

I have a lot of catching up to do.  I have pictures to post,  and I am sure I can figure out something to say.  In August, all I had to write about was "it was hot."  Believe me it was hot.  I just could not find anything to say except it was hot, so I decided I would wait until it was cool.  I just felt like my life was a bore. 

We have had frost the last 4 mornings.  I love it............. I can wear my sweaters and my winter clothes.  I feel like I am in heaven. 

I finished making (crocheting) a sweater and am in the process of making another, actually two, but I would guess the one won't be done until next year. 

This week I am going to try to post pictures. 

November Log Cabin
I have decided that I am going to sell some of my quilt patterns that I have created.  I have been designing quilt patterns for a number of years.  I designed them to make quilts for shows.  I may never enter another show.  I have entered quilts in shows for a number of years and it is a lot of work and my oomph seems to have gotten up and left.  I love the design process.  For those of you who don't know, in my other life, I was an architectural draftsman with certificates in civil, electronics and mechanical drafting.  I worked for the US Navy for a number of years doing facilities drafting.  I started in CAD when it first started.  I loved it then and still do.  I had my own business doing architectural remodels in San Diego.   So, designing quilts is right up my alley.  I can design many more quilts than I can ever make.   I have had requests for my patterns and thought possibly someone else might like to make them.

This pattern is 3.5 x 3.5 or a 5 x 5 log cabin block and is paper pieced

There are 196 blocks in the design.  The quilt measures approximately 59.5 x 59.5 or 85 x 85.  I have included two paper piecing patterns so you can make either size quilt.  Cost - $15 - if you are interested please contact me through my email address.

Hope all is well with you..........

Friday, August 9, 2013

Quilts finished, The Idiot's Corner, It is Hot

It is Hot...............
Southern it hotter than normal?   It feels like it.  I can't wait for winter.  I am sick of my summer clothes, I am tired of being hot.  My flower garden needs weeding and there is no way I am going out there and suffer.  It will just have to look bad.  I think everyone up north should put one of those wind "things" that produce electricity in their yard.  Point it towards Louisiana, we would be cool and you could blow our hurricanes (when we have them) back to the gulf.  I think that is a great idea.  The government would probably put it in your yard.  Now, I know if you live in Arizona it is hot, but you don't have humidity.  I'm through whining.  I feel better.

Quilts tops are finished.............
Eyelashes for a Lady
This is a quilt that has been on my design wall for a longgggg time.  I decided I just have to finish it.  Actually I would like to get it quilted.  I probably will do it myself, but at the moment, I have another on George.  This is a Judy Neimeyer pattern.  She named this pattern Tumbleweeds, it is appropriate.  It does look like Tumbleweeds.  But you know me, I looked at it and saw eyelashes.   Those of you who know and those of you who don't know (now do) the curved piece with the points is known as The New York Beauty or Lady Liberty.  Lady Liberty does not have eyelashes.  I decided that if she had a box of false eyelashes they would look like this quilt.  I have not seen Lady Liberty up close, so I don't know what size her eyes are.  If they are really big, and  I sort of think they are, she might have to put all the pieces of one color on one eye.  Wouldn't that be jazzy with one eye one color and the other eye another color?  Dress that lady up................

This quilt was supposedly one of my quick quilts.  I pulled this line of fabric plus a couple more pieces out of my stash.  It really does have a pattern to it.  The pattern is not based on the 4 patch squares but on the 4" block.  I did them by color.  If you set down with a piece of paper you could figure it out.  This quilt took me longer because I was using 3 pieces of fabric with the same background color.  It would have been easier if I had used four and I think it would have looked better.  This is a Sharie scrappy since Sharie cannot do scrappy.  I have not named this quilt top as yet.  I need to give it some thought.  By time, I get the back made, and I am ready to quilt it, I will have come up with something.

The Idiot's Corner...........
I try really hard to ignore what is going on in the world.  But now and then, there is some idiot that comes up with a stupid idea that they want us all to abide by.   A few days ago, I got up in the morning, read my email, went to my news page to see what was going on in the world.  This hit me in the face.  Seattle, wants to ban the words brown-bag and citizen because they are potentially offensive.  I went to Komo News (in Seattle) on the net, found the article and proceeded to tell them what I thought of the idiot who came up with the idea.  Of course he was in the Civil Rights Division, which means he does not have common sense.  I also sent the same emails to Mr. Bronstein of the Civil Rights Division.  Mr. Bronstein did write me back with a huge excuse trying to cover his butt.  That really ticked me off.  Can you imagine going to jail or being sued for saying the words brown-bag or citizen.  All this guy is trying to do, not make this a better country, but gain power for himself. 

Hope you all have a cooler day than I have.  Hope all is well.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Yethi Says it is Hot, Quilts and Bug Bites

Fire Ants....

week ago
tomorrow, I was out watering a flower bed.  Anyone living in the south is familiar with Fire Ants.  Some living out of the south have probably heard of them.  Fire Ants build mounds, and it is unbelievable how many ants there can be in a mound.  I have found that if I take a broomstick and punch several holes in them, the ants come swarming out.  Then I take cheap iodized salt (sometimes at 25 cents a box) and I sprinkle it on top of the mound.  This usually works the first time, but if not the second time, you never see those ants again.  Now back to my story, I was watering.  When I finished I was curling up the hose to put it away, I looked down and I had ants to my knees.  Thankfully, I had on jeans, socks and shoes.  I started patting at them and then decided to wash them off.  I was lucky, I only had 5 bites.  I think I am allergic to them.   In the picture that is one bite.  They burn, they hurt and they itch.  I woke up two nights in a row scratching.  They are not fun.  Today, that bite is about the size of a quarter.  Thankfully all of them quit itching about 3 days ago.

The problem with the mounds is when you mow your yard, you mow over the top and then when you are walking in the grass you can't see them.  That is why I didn't know that the ants were there.  I try to keep the ants out of my back yard because of my dogs.  It is a fenced area, so that is the area that I am most concerned about.  Fire Ants can kill a cow, can you imagine a poor dog. 

Yethi says it is hot.............

First the Back
I bought this fan a while back.  I keep it in my office.  Central air (I have two) just cannot keep the house cool.  Between the heat and the humidity, it is an impossible  feat.  Yethi discovered this fan.  Notice on the back picture her hair is split. 
And Now the Front

This is the center of a scrappy quilt that I have been working on.  It is not quite put together.  I hope to have the borders on by the next time I blog. 

Hope all is well with you.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Movie and a New Quilting Product

Yesterday,  I went with a group numbering 7 of us to lunch and then to see the movie "The Lone Ranger."  If you have not seen it, go see it.  It is great, it is funny, it is good entertainment.  It was so nice to go to movie that you didn't hear a cuss word every other word.  The professional critics of this movie should be sued by Disney.  They have probably cost them millions of dollars.  Now for what reason????  Do these people get paid off???   They certainly did not see the same movie I saw or there is something wrong with their moral compass.  I read an article the day before I went about how Johnny Depp is losing his pull.  I hope Johnny Depp keeps doing what he is doing.  I am not a particular fan of his.  I have not seen all of his movies, but this guy who wrote this article was completely overboard with his opinion.   Go see the movie, I think you will like it, expect to be entertained. 

New Product..............
Have you ever made a quilt and had a terrible time getting the corners sharp and the binding filled?  One morning I woke up about 5:30 and it was not daylight.  It is a long story but I don't like to get up unless the sun is up.  So I closed my eyes and laid there.  The night before I was binding a quilt.  I started thinking about that binding and then it popped into my little brain.................This is the result.......



Sharie's Binding Corner's and Sharie's Binding Strips. 

The corners and strips are meant for a 1/4 inch finished binding.  A glue stick and binding clips would be helpful.  The corners and strips are applied to the seam of your binding after the binding is put on the quilt and before you hand-sew the binding to the back of the quilt.  Instructions are included in the packaging.

For purchasing and shipping charges, please contact me at  

...Binding Corners are 4 to a package @ $3.00 per package
...Binding Strips are 2 at 50" in length for $4.00
per package. 
...Binding Strips are 4 at 50" in length for $7.50
per package


Iowa Country Roads
I have just finished this lap quilt.  I enjoyed quilting it on George.  I have lots of tops that need to be quilted so George and I are going to be busy.  I named this quilt "Iowa Country Roads."  It takes a little imagination but if you know anything about roads in the country in Iowa, it is a good name.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It's Tuesday.............

The Purple Drink............

Things have been a bit slow around here.  I am quilting, staying in a lot because it is too hot to go anywhere.  I found a wonderful drink.  It is called - Purple Power Breakfast Shake.  I have changed it up a bit.  The recipe called for a half banana.  What do you do with the other half?   I added it to the shake.  I am going to give you my recipe, it is really good, try it, you will like it.

Purple Drink
1 Banana
2/3 c frozen blueberries
1 teaspoon Sweet Treat (see below)
1 cup coconut milk
1 Tbs almond butter

Put it all in a blender, hit the switch, blend until smooth. 

Sweet Treat - This is a Louisiana thing.  It is cinnamon sugar with pure vanilla.
You can purchase it from
Cajun Power Sauce Mfg.
10218 LA HWY 82
Abbyville, LA 70510
or at


If you follow my blog you know that I have been working on "fast" quilts and trying to use up stash.  This is one of those quilts.  It is not really fast, and the reason is that I spend a lot of time trying to decide on which fabric goes where.  The blocks are 8 inches square and there are 4 rows on my design wall.  Two are sewn together.  There will be 7 rows when finished.  I think when the borders are on this quilt it will be a super scrappy quilt.  Not a true scrappy but a "Sharie" scrappy.

I am about finished with my Nebraska trip.  I still have pictures of the quilt museum.  I am going to put some of them in here as small pictures.  You can click on them to make them larger. 

From the Civil War Exhibit

From the Janet Finley Exhibit
From the Janet Finley
On Exhibit

From the Janet Finley Exhibit


New Adventures..............
A trip is being planned.  It will be later in the summer or early fall.  Go west young woman, go west.  
Hope all is well with you.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Indigo Blue in Nebraska.............

Indigo Quilt displayed at IQCM at Lincoln, NE
Indigo Quilt displayed at IQCM at Lincoln, NE
Indigo Quilt displayed at IQCM at Lincoln, NE
At the International Quilt Center and Museum at Lincoln, NE in one of their galleries on display was a group of Indigo Quilts.  They had a very nice wall with the description of the process of making Indigo.  This was very interesting since Indigo has been around for a very long time.  They had several quilts displayed and  I will show you
Indigo Quilt displayed at IQCM at Lincoln, NE
four of them. 

I have had a busy week quilting.  I do not have anything ready to show you.  Next week, I should have a few things to the point of taking a picture, hopefully.

The weather, if you care, is hot.  It is typical southern Louisiana.  We have had several thunderstorms pass through over the last few days.  They say we may get more later today.  It is keeping the grass green. 

Hope you all had a good week .....................

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nebraska, Kitty Kat, and Quilting...........

Nebraska - International Quilt Study Center and Museum

I want to touch on one of the galleries at the International Quilt Study Center and Museum at Lincoln, NE.   This particular gallery had Janet Finley's pictures on display.  The museum curators picked certain pictures, had them blown up to a very large size and then found a quilt to match the quilt in the picture from their collection and displayed it
with the pictures.  This exhibition was very well done. 

Janet Finley and I had our picture taken in front of this picture.  The museum had this quilt displayed on the opposite wall.  The quilt is absolutely beautiful.  Click on this picture so you can see the quilt better.  

If you are interested Janet Finley's book can be purchased through  Check my right column for details. 
Janet Finley and Sharie

Kitty Kat
JAC (Just A Cat)

This is JAC.  She loves to watch me sew.   I think she is a ham.  I think she likes to get her picture taken.  She must think it is a good thing, because I am talking sweetly to her.  She has a squeaky meow and she likes to talk to me. 



As you all know since I harp on it a lot, I am trying to use up lots of my fabric in my stash.  This is one of those quilts.  It goes together really really fast.  It is a quilt that if you needed one for a gift in a hurry you could make it in a short period of time.  I made this with the "Late Bloomers" line from Moda.  I have enough of this fabric to make two quilts with each a pieced back and I am sure I will have fabric left over. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

More About Nebraska Trip and Etc.............

One of the highlights of our trip was our visit to Fabric Essentials in Concordia, KS.  The shop was on the Shop Hop.  The girls were a joy to talk with and we had ever so much fun going through and looking at the 6000 plus bolts of fabric that they have. 

Willey and Billy at Fabric Essentials, Concordia, KS

We decided to eat in Concordia.  There was a mom & pop restaurant across the street.  The food was very good.   On the way over to the restaurant we passed (across the street) this building.  I don't know what it was built for originally or what is in it today , but it was very interesting.  It looked like it had been there a very long time. 
Building - Concordia, KS
I have been busy quilting everyday.  It is hot outside, so thus the best thing to do is to stay in where it is cool and quilt.   This is the first block of my Alaska - Nebraska quilt.  In one of my postings  I think I mentioned that I was going to make this quilt.  The idea was to combine the batiks that I bought last year when I was in Alaska with the batiks that I bought this year on my trip to and from Nebraska.   If you look close, The fabric on the outside is bears and bear paws.   Next week, I hope to have several squares finished.  Hopefully it will be an interesting quilt when it is done.  The pattern is a Judy Neimeyer.  I have added a "border" to the block.  When I received the pattern I realized it wasn't exactly what I wanted, and it would "chop up" my Alaska animal fabric.  So thus I am adding a border to each outside block so that you can see the animals and etc. 
I took this picture in my backyard.  We have many Cardinals and Blue Jays.  These are Cardinals.  I would assume mama and papa.  There were several in the bushes and trees.  My office has little trees (really bushes that look like trees) in front and to the side of it.  It is a lovely view.  I have the pleasure of bird watching.  I get lots of birds and most I don't know what they are.  I assume some migrate in from other places.   You may want to click on this to make it larger. 

Hope all is well with you.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Odds and Ends and Nebraska

Odds and Ends...........

Hall Teapot - Blue Bouquet

I was over in Sulphur, LA looking in on my house.  While there a friend and I went to lunch and then checked out an antique and collectible store.  This store has only been open a short period of time.  While there, I found a Hall's teapot.  Some of you know that I collect them  (to a point).  They have to be in really good condition and so far all that I have bought have been different. 

This tree/bush is in my back yard.  I don't know
what it is 
but it is really pretty.  It looks like snow. 

Today, I finished putting the rows together for this quilt.  Tomorrow I will put on the two borders .  You can see the pieced border, which is the outside border.  I have been working on this quilt for some time.  It was my project making the blocks when I sew with the Stitch and Cackle Quilt Circle.                                                                     



On our shop hop we stopped at "No Place Like Home" in Minneapolis, Kansas.  This was a lovely shop.

Lucky me.........
I won a shop's gift.  A couple of days ago, in the mailbox was a box.  On the return it said Material Girls from Abilene, KS.  I thought, did I order something????  To my surprise when I opened it I was the shops winner. 
Sharie & Willey

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Nebraska and Shopping We Will Go............

Sharie, Janet, Billy, Willey @ Quilt House (museum)
This quilt was hanging in the lobby of the Quilt House (museum) at Lincoln, NE.  We were all having a wonderful time.  Billy was having a great time talking to all the ladies and he also enjoys shopping.  Billy is a long arm quilter, and he is also a helicopter pilot.

Janet is Janet Finley, the author of Quilts in Everyday Life, 1855-1955.  It is a super book, lots of pictures and lots of history.  Willey is one of my quilting buddies.  Janet flew into Lincoln and Billy, Willey and I drove.  It was a long drive, we made many miles each day. 

On our way back we stopped at Tulsa, OK and checked out "The Quilt Sampler."  It is a lovely store with many many choices.  We went next door for lunch.  Super food............  It gave us a nice break from the travels of the day.  The quilt store has Bernina and Pfaff distributorships.  I have a Bernina and two Pfaff's.  I checked out the new ones.  They are lovely, but mine do what I want them to do, so no new machines for me.  Besides, I bought a George a couple of years ago.  I am almost machine poor.   
Willey and Sharie at The Quilt Sampler, Tulsa, OK

In about 2007, I started a group, each of us making a Dear Jane quilt.  This went on for about 4 years.  We had one person who made all of the center blocks.  The rest of us, because life gets in the way sometimes, made a various number of blocks.  About a year ago, roughly, I decided there is no way on this earth that I am going to finish making all of these blocks.  I decided to design a quilt, using the blocks that I had made.  Monday, I finished putting the last two sides of a border on the top of the quilt.  I still have 9 blocks reserved for the back.  Sometime this year, with luck, I will make a back and quilt My Baby Jane.  When I get it finished, I will put a sleeve on the back and hang the quilt and try for a better picture.

My Baby Jane

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I left home on April 23 for a trip to Lincoln, NE.  I had planned this trip for months.  Willey and Billy and I went to the International Quilt Study Center and Museum at Lincoln.  Janet Finley, the author of Quilts in Everyday Life, 1855-1955 was there to give
International Quilt Study Center & Museum at Lincoln, NE
a program and her pictures were on display in the gallery.  There were several programs and tours of all the exhibits over a two day period.  We started on Thursday evening with a reception and then Friday was a full day until 7 P.M.  Saturday was also a big day but not as long.  They fed us very well.  I really enjoyed the lunches.

Willey, Billy and I shopped (and did we shop) up to Nebraska and back to Louisiana.  I have taken many pictures and have lots to talk about.  I am going to do my Nebraska story over several posts as I did with my Alaska story.  So do come back and see what we did on this trip. 

I must put in something about quilting.  Let's put it this way, we parted with much that was in our wallets and plastic was used.  We over-ate, finding that we could not resist desserts or the Dairy Queen, the Licorice Shop, the chocolate covered Oreo's.  Now we diet.............

Sharie and Willey at Sew Country, Belleville, KS 
We found many really nice shops on our trip.  We even went on a shop hop.  It was being held in Kansas.  All the shops were open on Sunday, the day we were coming through Kansas.  We went to 5 shops out of 7.  We also went to shops in Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas.  All the people were terrific. 

More next time.................

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I'm Back..............

I finally have a computer up and running.  As you know from the last post, my computer died in a storm and I bought a new one with Windows 8 on it.  After several days of trying to figure that out, I took it to the computer store had them take off 8 and put on 7.  I was running XP previously of which I loved, I knew it, and now I have a learning curve.  I think I have it whipped.  At least I think I can do what I did before. 

Southern Fried Chicken
Look at this chicken.  It is Southern Fried Chicken.  It is part of a quilt with 12 different chickens.  A friend from Idaho gave me this little book to make this chicken quilt.  I took it to the Cackle and Stitch Quilting Circle, they loved it.  There are 9 of us in the group.  We decided that each of us would pick a chicken and make this quilt for our sewing room.   Take a look at the umbrella and the rug.  Click on the picture, you can make it larger.  When we finish up the quilt I will post it.  
Bottle Brush bushes............
The Bottle Brush bushes are in my backyard.  When I took this picture they were loaded with blooms and today they are even more so.  

Bottle Brush Bushes
Hope all is well with you..............

Thursday, April 4, 2013

I Am About to Pull My Hair Out..............

On Easter Sunday afternoon, we had a storm go through here.  The power went out, it zapped my computer.  I bought a new computer, it has Windows 8 on it.  Do I need to say more?  I don't know if I will ever get this back to what was normal.  No pictures today.  I can't figure out where they go and how to do it (on the computer).   I think this is probably the most stressful thing that I have had to deal with in a long time.  Pictures speak a 1000 words and the blog is not much without them.  I will try to be back soon. 

Hope all is well with you.

Friday, March 15, 2013

What a Week.............

Starring the Waterlilies
Quilt Show Week...
It has been a week.  Busy, busy, busy.  It is quilt show week, and quilt week means lots to do.  I will skip the beginning of the week, and go to today.  Kathy, picked me up this morning about noon.  We went to Jason's.  For those of you who don't live near a Jason's, oh what you are missing.  It is a deli and the food is oh so good.  There was six of us for lunch.  After lunch five us went to the quilt show and the other gal went to work (she went to the show in the morning).  As we walked in,  I had a quilt hanging just as you enter.  It is ever so exciting to win a ribbon.  I was blessed this quilt won three ribbons.  As you can see a blue (1st place) and 2 golds (2 judges choice).

The show was held at the Lake Charles Civic Center.  They had several vendors there selling mostly quilting supplies.  It is always fun to shop.  I did keep myself under control and except for a few pieces of batik only bought what I needed, really needed. 

Pina Coladas Under the Flowering Trees
 I had two other quilts entered in the show.  Each one placed.  Pina Coladas took a 2nd place ribbon and Logs on the Square took a 3rd place ribbon.  There are a lot of beautiful quilts at the show. 

Thank you Connie for taking these pictures. 

What's in a Name..........
Logs on the Square
I love naming quilts.  I usually start thinking about a name when I start the quilt.  Sometimes I am up to putting on the label before I have finally decided what to name it.  There are times that I just cannot find that right name.  When I made Waterlilies, I did not want to name it the pattern name.  Afterall that is the designers name and no quilt is exactly like the designer's quilt and her name should be her name.  I did change the quilt design but the quilt is based on the designer's pattern.  So with a lot of thought , and computer searching, I found that the Waterlilies were the sychronized swimming team that starred with Esther Williams in her movies.  I thought the points on the quilt looked like legs, so thus it is named Starring the Waterlilies. 

Logs on the Square is my own design and it was named when I was going through brochures for log cabins.  I wanted to name it something to do with a log cabin without saying log cabin.  In one of the brochures there was a cabin named with something on the square.  Ah, ha,  light bulb goes on - Logs on the Square.

It took me a long time to come up with Pina Coladas and again this quilt was my design.  I thought about the fact that the blocks were pineapple blocks.  There is birds and flowers in trees.  Think, think, think.....I needed a fancier word for pineapple, so thus, Pina Coladas Under the Flowering Trees. 

Hope you all had a great day............