Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me.................Oh, lordy, where does the years go.  It seems like I just turned 40 and in reality that was many many moons ago.  It is a dreary day.  It is cold (37), windy  and blah.  I am off to Curves this morning, then to lunch with a couple friends, do some sewing, go to the grocery store (if I want to eat, the cupboard is bare) the bank (money) and then home again.  A busy day ahead.

I have started to work on a new quilt.  I hope to put this in a show in September.  In the meantime I must make decisions on fabric.   The log cabin quilts I have two different blues, one teal and one blue and then I have four strips hanging.  The teal is actually more teal then the pictures shows.  I love the color but the problem being the teal is too close to the same color as the green.  In the picture the green really doesn't show up the beautiful green it is.  I am going to bring up EQ7, find my design, change the teal to blue (the darker one) and see how the whole quilt will look if I change the color from teal to blue.  I will let you know what happens.  

Have a great day.................

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