Monday, May 31, 2010

What's on my Design Wall 31 May 2010

Memorial Day....................
A big thank you to those serving in the American Armed Forces and to those that have served throughout America's history. 

Things really have not changed much since last week.  I have a few more blocks done and another set of arc's that go with the wedding ring quilt.  I have changed the border - actually the border is different than what appears here.  I didn't like the light tan border that I was showing last week.  I changed that to green and added a tan flange border.  Just thinking in my mind, that may change too - to the other side.  I need to look at my design it may not work at all.  Usually when I design, I design as I go.  I will start with an idea, and the idea usually takes on many changes.  Click on picture for a better view.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Stash Report 30 May 2010................Sharie's News

Remember last week, I was saying that I had ordered fabric on May 7th and I had not received it as yet.  I still have not received it.  I have been sending emails to the post office including the post office general.  I did get a return email yesterday and they are looking into it. 

Look at this wonderful picture of this tree.  I don't know what kind it is but it is gorgeous.  You will have to click on it to get a better view.  It is lavender.  So very pretty.  I would like to plant another one on the other side of the house.  Vic, my son, does most of my yard work.  He says no more trees.  I might be able to talk him into this one. 

Yesterday we had a king size thunderstorm go through.  It rained, literally came down in bucket fulls.  I had just watered the flower bed (in the picture) and the roses bed.  It could not have been a half hour when it started raining.  I should not have to water for a couple of days, providing we don't get more rain. 

Now to my stash report:
This week...............
In  1 yard
Out  -6.375 yards
Year to Date................
In  69 yards
Out -59 3/8 yards
Net  9 5/8 yards

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Birthday, Frank.............I hope you did something fun today.

Monday, May 24, 2010



What's on my Design Wall...........24 May 2010

Last week, I said that I would add red to the blocks that I had made.  I have red, but not the red that I had intended.  What you see in the pieced border is the outside border fabric, and it looks not too bad (there is a pieced border, a white border, a brown border and the outside border).  Now to explain what happened to my red.  On May 7th I ordered  3 reds (if I recall correctly) along with several other pieces of fabric.  It was enough that I would get free shipping.  I always like free shipping.  So, I waited for my package to arrive.  It didn't come.  So, there is this very long tracking number given to my package by the United States Postal Service (USPS).  I got on the USPS site and put in my very long tracking number.  I find that my package has left Maryland (where I ordered it) on May 7th.  The next distination is Baton Rouge.  It arrives it is checked in and sent on its way on May 9th.  Lake Charles where I live (actually I live in Moss Bluff) and the next distination from Baton Rouge is roughly 2 hours away.  It is now the 24th of May, no package.  Now if it was coming by pony express it probably would have been here before this.  Try to get any information out of the post office.  So here I sit waiting for my very expensive box of fabric and must I say my red fabric, out there probably floating in a swamp and the post office has no idea where it is.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Stash Report 23 May 2010

Look at this fabric.  It was screaming at me - take me home.  Actually I had been eyeing this fabric for months.  The local shop had gotten this line in.  But.........they saved it because they were going to do a block of the month quilt.  They didn't sell any of it until they were through with their block of the month.  So I patiently waited.  I walked into the shop and one of the owners said to me - look at what is on the shelf.  I promptly went home and designed a quilt.  My intentions is to add tan to the fabric.  It sounds like I bought a lot of fabric, but remember I piece my backs.  Click on the picture, you will get a better view. 

Stash Report
This week:
In 14 yards
Out 0 yards
Year to Date"
In 68 yards
Out - 53 yards
Net 15 yards

Monday, May 17, 2010

What's on my Design Wall......17 May 2010

I am continuing to work on the same project that I had started last week.  I have ordered red fabric to go with this quilt.  You would think that I would have red in my stash.  I do have red in my stash, all the wrong reds.  I hope that it will arrive today.  You will have to come back next week and see what I do with the red.  Hopefully it is not a dud. 

Also this week I have been working on the arches for a wedding ring quilt.  These are paper-pieced, so the white you see in the picture is the paper.  I have them divided into sets (ribbons).  There is 16 arches - A and B arch in each set.  They start with light on one end and dark on the other.  So what you are seeing is an A arch lying on top of a B arch and they go in opposite directions.  I have 11 sets to make.  I am trying to decide if I want to make two of these quilts (I have twin beds) or do I just want to make one and hang it.  We will see how much of a pain it is when I start putting it together.  This quilt is just not the usual wedding ring.  It also has a star in it.  Actually I think it will go together pretty easy, we will see.

I didn't report my stash yesterday, so I am going to include it here.  I pulled 1 yard. 
Stash Report:
This week -
In 0 yards
Out -1 yard
Year to date -
In 54 yards
Out - 53 yards
Net 1 yard

Monday, May 10, 2010

What's on my Design Wall...........

As I mentioned yesterday, I am back to quilting.  I decided to make something new, maybe not the smartest thing since I have many started.  I really wanted to start with a fresh project.  I designed this the other day and hopefully I will have the top done by next week.  And then, I see a UFO or at least one of those quilts that I have started finished in the near future. 

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Stash Report 9 May 2010..............Sharie's News

HAPPY   MOTHER'S  DAY...................

I am back to quilting.  I have really missed it.  I decided that I would start something new, which is probably not the thing I should do, but I wanted to start with something fresh.  So, I created a pattern and dug in my stash, and picked up a piece or two. 

Vic took me to dinner today.  We went to the local Texas Roadhouse.  They have really good catfish, a wonderful baked sweet potatoe, a very good Caesar salad and rolls with honey cinnamon butter.  It is a feast, and oh, I must mention the raspberry tea.    I sure would like to have the recipe for the raspberry tea.  I was stuffed when I left, and Yethi is stuffed on leftovers. 

Then we went shopping at Wal Mart.  I needed a few things to add to my food locker for the week.  Wal Mart was close so that is where we went.  I love going to our super super grocery stores, but that was a bit out of our way and I didn't need anything special.  Our Wal Marts are so clean.  In California they were the pits.  I rarely ever went. 

Now for the Stash Report and I am looking forward to tomorrow to post "What is on my Design Wall."

This Week:
In 2 1/2 yards
Out -9 yards
Year to Date:
In 54 yards
Out -52 yards
Net 2 yards

I am almost there...........................

Monday, May 3, 2010

Sharie's News.............Yard Work

Jim had started this flower bed for me but because of his health he didn't get it finished.  When Terry and Ellen came in April, along with Vic, they did a lot of yard work for me and finished the wall for the flower bed.  Vic and I are trying to make the yard as free of work as possible.  Yesterday, Vic an I went flower and statuary shopping.  We found this wonderful statuary and we bought ground cover with the hopes that it will fill in.  It is a perenial so with luck we won't have to plant again next year.  I can see this from my kitchen window.  I think it will be lovely when it is filled with flowers. 

Way in the background are Knock Out Roses.  At the moment they look a bit sad, but yesterday when I was watering, I noticed that they are beginning to get a lot of new growth.  Next weekend we are going to mulch that bed.  Good bye weeds. 

It is getting warm around here.  The prediction was for 91 degrees.  So far it has not crossed that 90 degree mark.  I dread summer.  I wish it could stay just like it is.  Everything is so pretty.  Lots of blooming bushes. 

My sister, Kathy, came to visit for 12 days.  We had a great time going here and there.  We ate out a lot. 

Sharie, Vic, Kathy ---------------------Vic, Ellen, Terry