Sunday, February 28, 2010

Stash Report - 28 Feb 2010

Stash Report -  I am moving along, slow but sure.

This week:
Added 3 yards
Used -10 yards
Net -7 yards
Added 49 1/2
Used -31 5/8
Net 17 7/8 (in)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dear Jane Quilt -

I have been working on a Dear Jane (Baby Jane) Quilt for over 3 years.  I made a block here and a block there and I have about 70 blocks finished.  I have too many irons in the fire and I am never going to finish this quilt at the rate I am going.  I would really like to see these blocks in a quilt.  So, on my agenda, I am going to put them into a quilt, it will not be a true Dear Jane, but I will have a finished quilt.  It was great fun, but it is time to finish.  I removed my Dear Jane chart from my blog.  Sometime, I hope in the near future, you will see my Baby Jane quilt finished.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Stash Report - 21 February 2010 and Sharie's News.......................

I designed a new quilt and I could not help but pull the fabrics.  I don't think I will have to buy anything new for this one.  I might have to buy some fabric for the back and the binding, but it should only be a small amount if that is the case.  I have several quilts that I am trying to finish up (can't finish them if I start new ones).  I do plan to get borders on one this week and with a little determination, I will get a back made the following week.  I am hoping to finish, and that is the magical word (finish), at least one quilt a month.  We will see.  That was my plans last year,  I didn't make it, but came close.  I do have two finished so far for this year. 

The Beaumont, TX quilt guild had for their speaker this past week, Monique Dillard.  She is from Illinois.  She gave an outstanding program.  I was amazed at all her quilts. 

The weather here is colored grey.  The temps are not too bad, it is 62 degrees.  I believe it is suppose to get cold again.  Usually by this time of year our trees are budding.  I don't think they are as yet.  We certainly have had a strange winter (cold ) for living in the deep south.  I hope that this is not a sign of a hot summer (what am I saying, I live in the south).  We should not complain, at least the gulf is cool, and we always hope that it will stay that way (it keeps the hurricanes away).

I think I must have had a boring week, I really can't find much to chat about.  So here is my STASH REPORT

IN:  0
OUT:  - 6 yards 
YTD OUT: - 21.625 YARDS
YTD NET:  24.875 YARDS (in)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Beaumont Guild Quilt Show - Winners...........and What's on my Design Wall

I have had a lot of irons in the fire lately, so my design wall is about the same as last time..........but, I do have this to show.................
I entered these quilts in the Beaumont, TX guild quilt show held at the Civic Center.  They showed about 300 quilts.  The top quilt (front and back) won a First Place and a Judge's Choice.  The pink ribbons are for Honorable Mention and the blue ribbons are first place.  The quilt with two blue ribbons - one for me and one for the person that quilted the quilt.  The New York Beauty (New York Rose) also won an honorable mention.  I forgot to take a picture at the show.  Click on the pictures for a better view.

Stash Report 14 February 2010

Stash Report Sunday February 14

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone.................
Last week I didn't report for I was at a retreat.  It was wonderful.  I am including last weeks in and out with this weeks report.  On the 12th and 13th the Beaumont, TX guild held their Quilt Show.  Beautiful, beautiful quilts.  And of coarse they had vendors.  They twisted my arm and the fabric called my name.  And you know, the fabric wanted to go home with me so badly, it jumped into my bag. 

Check my blog today, I am going to post my quilts that won ribbons - Yes, I won ribbons...............

In:  15 yards
Out:  2 1/8 yards
YTD In:  46.5 yards
YTD Out: 15 1/8 yards
Net: In:  31 3/8 yards

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Retreat February 2010

I attended a retreat hosted by Quilts Bayou over the past weekend.  It was held at Stone Creek Lodge near Silsbee, TX.  Fun was had by all.  The staff at the Lodge was wonderful.  The food was outstanding and the facility was terrific.  As you can see by the pictures, we were all laid back, sewing in our night clothes to the wee hours of the morning.  Click on the pictures for a better view.   Thank you Quilts Bayou for such a wonderful time.  And thank you to Sharon and all at Stone Creek Lodge for making our stay so enjoyable.  


Monday, February 1, 2010

What's on my Design Wall..........

Dancing to the Carousel Waltz
This is a quilt that I have wanted to make forever. It is similar to the Winding Ways quilt. I tried the Winding Ways quilt. I bought the templates and had a terrible time with them. I decided, after one block, this is not for me. I am too impatient, and I would have hated the quilt if I finished it, and chances are that I would not have. The idea, has been bouncing around in my head for awhile about this quilt. I designed a paper-piecing pattern and I love it. The turning circles are so interesting.