Monday, February 21, 2011

Design Wall and etc...............

Spinning Star [Starring the Waterlilies]
On Saturday I went to a workshop.  It was put on by the Contraband Quilters Guild.  Dot Collins of the Beaumont, Texas area came over to instruct the class.  We had chosen to do her Spinning Stars quilt.  We had 20 quilters and it was a great day, fun was had by all.  I decided to increase the size of the quilt so thus made a drawing so I would know what I was doing.  This quilt is made with triangles.  Six triangles make a hexagon.  My plans are to make all of the stars different.  I think this is going to be a star a week quilt. I have a quilt that I must meet a dead line (of which I need to check to see what that is).  I also have the basket quilt coming up March 1st.  I am going to be a busy busy person. 

Not much new here.  The weather was super over the weekend.  We had low 70's.  Vic was here working on the lawnmower and trimmed up the hedges in the front yard.  The yard work has begun.  It is never ending until November.

Hope all is well on your end...................

Monday, February 14, 2011


This is not exactly my design wall.  The quilt I am working on is for the Des Moines show so am keeping it under wraps for awhile.  I thought I would show you the fabric that I am going to use for the  "Going to Market" quilt.  See the right column for information about the quilt.  I found two different lines of fabric plus I added one or two pieces and have come up with this.  I think it will be jazzy.  The plans are to start the quilt March 1st. 

My cat scratch fever looks much better and I am on the mend.  My kitty looks at me with guilty looks. 

We have a gorgeous day in southwest Louisiana.  It is super.........I wish it would be like this year round.  But, if it was like this we would be like California, very much over populated and that would not be good.  According to the 2010 census we have not grown very much and I can honestly say, I am glad.  I think, if my memory serves me well, Lake Charles grew by 236 people in ten years.  Actually, when I lived here in 1974 the population was about 70,000, today it is about 71000.  I can handle that.  When I lived in San Diego county we had 3 million in the county.  It is so nice to be able to drive to a distination within a reasonable period of time. 

Hope all is well....................

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Sweet Smokey
I have had kitty cats forever and ever and have never gotten "cat scratch fever."  Smokey, my terror of a cat, bit me, hard, on Thursday.  Smokey is a "rescue" cat.  Apparently he had been mistreated and I think played very rough with (he acts like it).  I have had Smokey and JAC roughly 2 years.  They have not been outside since I got them.  On Thursday I went to let Yethi out the door and to my amazement JAC was outside.  I could not believe my eyes.  I opened the door and JAC headed for the door, but Smokey saw JAC outside and he wanted to be out with her.  So he heads for the open door.  I stooped down and grabbed him (probably pulled his hair) and he turned around and bit me. 

I poured hydrogen peroxide on it several times on Thursday and again on Friday.  I noticed it was a little red and a little swollen but thought it was probably normal.  I kept pouring hydrogen peroxide on it.  About sevenish p.m. I noticed that my hand was really swelling and quite red.  I thought I should check my arm.  I had on a sweatshirt.  I pulled up the sleeve and here is very large red blotches all the way to my elbow. 

It is dark outside.  I don't drive after dark (I can't see).  I called one of my nursee friends.  She doesn't live too far.  She came and got me and we went to the local Clinic.  I got a tetanus shot and a prescription for antibiotics.

The cat bite has to be reported to the animal control.  At the Clinic they told me they might take the cat for a couple of days.  I hope not.  The kitty cat is fine, he is not sick.  I startled him and he reacted.   I don't think he would like being locked up in a place like that.  I have his records, so hopefully Animal Control will see that he is not sick and leave him alone. 

Hope all is well on your end.....................

Friday, February 4, 2011


Look at these cute little icicles.  We have had ice in the deep south.   Thankfully not a lot of it.  We did not loose power but I do have some damage to a tree.  One of the branches broke off.  The weather is still hovering at 34 degrees.  The bridges are closed, that's a good thing.  The quilt workshop is cancelled for tomorrow.  Our instructor has to come over the Rainbow Bridge.  That is a "trip" on a good day let alone if it is icy.  Chances are it will be closed in the morning anyway so she would not be able to get here.  Sunday it is suppose to be in the 60's and that is good...............

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

FLY ME TO THE MOON.................

Well not exactly but how about Paducah.  I have my ticket, I am going.  I am going with several other quilters.  Rooms are lined up, the car is lined up and all I have to do is pack. 

I have heard from my sister who lives in the north country.  She is up to her tush in snow.  Actually I think it is higher than that.  She said that they had 5 ft drifts.  And for us in the south, it is colddddd, very cold.  We might even get snow.  They are predicting between 1/2 and 1 inch of snow.  It won't last long.  It will melt off pretty fast.  If there is snow on the ground, even if it is 1/2 inch in the morning, they will close school and they will close the bridges.  Closing the bridges is probably a good idea.  Even people in the north who are use to driving in the snow would have a problem with our bridges.  And we will have snowmen on the news.  They do enjoy the snow, I guess because it can be years and years before they have it again.  Me, I am staying inside where it is toasty.  I have made lots and lots of snowmen, so I will leave that to those that have not had much experience at that and I will enjoy looking at their snowmen and smile and remember when I made snowmen.