Saturday, January 15, 2011


In 2008 I bought a new Toyota Sienna Limited.  It literally has everything but the kitchen sink.  It has heated seats.  I bought the car in Iowa.  In Iowa you need heated seats or at least they are really nice to have.  I have not  thought over the past 2 1/2 years of using them and even forgot that I had them.  I had to leave the house early a couple of days this past week.  In the previous week, one of my quilting buddies was talking about heated seats.  It clicked, I have heated seats.  It has been rather cold (down right cold) in the south the last few days.  I got into my car, onto a frozen seat, and thought, "now where are the buttons for the heated seats?"   Right in front my nose is the little buttons.  I pushed it up and almost immediately I had a warm tush.  So nice, I probably paid a fortune for these things, I might as well use them.  Technology isn't it wonderful?

Now. to quilting.  I have signed up for a workshop with our guild.  Dot Collins is coming over from Beaumont, TX to be our instructor.  The project is Spinning Stars [Starring the Waterlilies] (it is on her website).  I have decided to make all of my stars different.  You need 2 1/2 inch strips.  I have lots of left over strips from doing the Bali Wedding Star quilt. The biggest problem is that their is four colors for each point of the star.  You need 2 strips alike for point 1 and 2.  Point 3 and 4 only need 1 strip each.  Bali Pops usually only come with 1 strip of color the same.  Sometimes you will luck out and get 2.  I do have a large stash of Batiks and I have been digging around in it too.  In the pictures, notice that I have a little piece of paper pinned to each grouping.  The little code means - yellow, I need a strip of the lightest to match what I have for the lightest color - pink, I  need a strip of the medium light to match what I have for the medium light color.  If you notice, I only have one group that doesn't have a code on it.  I have a long way to go.  I am going to talk to my friends who have made the Bali Wedding Star to see if I can nose around in their stash of left over strips.  I still have a couple of weeks to find fabric that will work.  The dark fabric is my background.  It is a brown/black and very nice.  Fun, Fun, Fun............

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