Monday, January 17, 2011


I have created a pattern for a quilt that I plan on entering in the Des Moines show in September.  So you get a sneek peek and probably won't see it again until later in the year.  It has 180 blocks. I should be in my sewing room working on it.  I have lots to do.  I actually would like to do this one and another that I have started.  I posted it in 2010 and it is barely started.  It has many more pieces then this quilt (I am guessing since I haven't actually counted them).  I think I could probably get this one finished, there are time limits that must be met and I am not sure I could do it with the other one.  If I really work I might be able to get both of them done, wouldn't that be nice. 

It is a gloomy day but the temps are not bad.  Everything looks so dull.  If it wasn't for the awful heat of summer I sure would like to see some green and some flowers. 

Hope all is well...................

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  1. Thats going to be very pretty. Good luck getting it all done!