Thursday, December 27, 2012

Minnesota Winter Chili - The Food of the Gods

I found a recipe in a magazine for Minnesota Winter Chili.  It is ever so good.  Since I live alone, I really don't cook alot but I thought that this is something that I can fix and it would  be good warmed up.  Of course since I don't cook a lot, I usually don't have all the ingredients in the house for any recipe.  I am not one to run to the grocery store.  I will check my cupboard to see what I can substitute.  I am going to give you "my" recipe. 

I started with a 4 qt pan.  When I was finished it was filled to about 1/4 inch from the top.  I started with the top ingredient and just kept adding.  You should cook it until at least the potatoes are done, but it could cook awhile longer to flavor it.  Cook it on a medium-low heat.  I covered it. 

2 TBS of olive oil
1 TBS of garlic salt
1 PKG of seasoning blend
1 can cut carrots
2 cups frozen little corn kernels
1 large potato diced
1 TSP ground cumin
2 TBS of Chili-O
2 TSP of sea salt
1/2  TSP of black pepper
1 can of diced tomatoes
1 can of tomato puree
1 can of kidney beans, drained
1 can black beans, drained
1 can red beans, drained
1 can chicken broth
1 can 5.5 oz V-8 Juice

All cans should be approximately 16 oz unless noted.  If you have onions, celery, green and red pepper they can be cut and diced in place of the seasoning blend.   When it was ready to serve, I added shredded cheese and sour cream to the top of an individual bowl.        ENJOY!!!!

Before I close off, I want to talk about the little quilt in the picture.  It was made by Brenda Peavy.  I belonged ( no longer) to a quilting bee.  Just after Christmas we draw names for the following Christmas.  It works like a secret sister.  You never know who has your name until that Christmas when the bee exchanges gifts.  This was my gift this year.  The rooster, one of my treasures and one of the resident roosters in my kitchen occupies a prime spot on the table. 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to one and all.  I hope you have a wonderful day no matter where you are. 

We are in for storms.  It will be wet, it is much too warm for snow.  If it was going to be snow we would definitely have a white Christmas.  Actually for some reason green just doesn't do it.  One day of snow would be nice. 

I don't do much decorating, one thing it is a lot of work.  I have two trees in my attic.  I can't get in the attic.  Last year I bought this little tree, it is cute and perfect for me.  It gives me a little of that Christmas spirit.  I had the reindeer in my closet.  He is precious to me.  I bought him many many years ago in a shop in Oceanside, CA.  The Dickens houses I have collected over many many years.  I scatter them here and there.   I rarely buy any any more.  One thing you have to store them.  I have a large glass cabinet I keep them in year round.  It is too difficult to put them back into their boxes and take them in and out.  This works..........
At one time, it would take me 3 days to decorate and then there was the putting away.  This I can do in about 20 minutes or so.  As most of you know, I do not have relatives here, so the decorating is for me. 

Merry Christmas

Thursday, December 20, 2012

What Is On My Plate

It has been a busy December.  Yesterday, I mailed all of my packages for Christmas.  I have attended a couple of Christmas parties.  Fun was had by all.  I ate all the wrong things and my scale tells me so.  January is coming and I will worry about it then. 

I have a few things quilting related on the burner and a new quilt coming up.  George and I have been busy.  He is doing a fine job.  No broken threads, I am so very grateful.  The colorful tube in the picture is my cats tunnel and way down the room you can see Yethi and Jack laying in front of the door soaking up the sunlight.   

This is the pattern I am using.  Part of it is free motion and the rest I printed out on my printer and followed the lines.  I am doing each individual block.  The quilt is 64 blocks plus the borders.  It is big lap quilt measuring about 72x72. 

 This quilt you have seen the blocks peaking through in pictures of other quilts for some time.  I still have 4 blocks to make.  I have redesigned this quilt several times and now think I might have it right.  The borders are really going to add to the design.  This is the Hallelujah quilt.  Don't you think the leaves look like they have their arms up singing?  Notice the half square triangle to the left (actually there are several stacked together), they are part of the outside border. Notice the different patterns that the blocks make when they are put together.   Comeback and see this quilt when I finish it up.


I was into QB a couple of weeks ago.  They had just completed the first month kit for a new BOM.  I looked at the pattern and fell in love.  It is going to be gorgeous and the colors they have chosen are terrific.  I don't usually do BOM quilts, but I thought possibly I could do this one and still do all of things that I have waiting in the wings.

I guess that is it for today.  I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a great New Year. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Quilts in Everyday Life, 1855-1955

Quilts in Everyday Life, 1855-1955 by Janet E. Finley
 Quilts in Everyday Life, 1855-1955
A 100 Year Photographic History

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the book, Quilts in Everyday Life, 1855-1955.  This book is not the ordinary quilt book.  Inside, you are going to find fascinating pictures and stories of the people seen in those pictures.  You are going to find history of the quilts, clothing, time period, photographers, towns, and people.  Almost every picture (more than 325 images selected from the author's collection) has a quilt in it. 

Janet E. Finley, the author, is from Colorado.  She is a former Executive Director of the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum in Golden, Colorado.  Janet has been a member of the American Quilt Study Group for 12 years and is a past president of the Columbine Quilt Guild. 

I have a special interest in the book.  Janet and I became friends because of one of her pictures that appeared in a magazine (it is also in the book).  The picture had the photographer's name at the bottom, Kiddoo.  How many people are named Kiddoo (time period 1895)?  The bells went off in my head - Kiddoo!!!  I quickly checked my genealogy.  Louise Kiddoo, the photographer's sister married the brother of my third great grandmother.  This started a new friendship.  I told her about Kiddoo. So thus, from Kiddoo, I had the honor of doing much of the research about the people and places in her photos. 

My husband's great grandparents, Edmund and Cerelda Chambers, with her string quilt also appear in the book. 

Edmund and Cerelda Chambers

Quilts in Everyday Life, 1855-1955 is available through Schiffer Publishers.  Anyone who is interested in quilts, photography or history will enjoy this book.