Monday, February 2, 2015

One More Shade of Blue............

This is a quilt I designed a while back.  I had designed another quilt and started to make it and it just did not "do it" for me.  The background colors were backwards.  I decided to change the dark to the light, and the light to the dark.  I was not  satisfied with the medallion center.  It wasn't working either, so back to the drawing board.  I think I like it now. 
One More Shade of Blue
I have always wanted to make a two color quilt.  I think they are gorgeous.  Me, being me, I knew that it would never happen. Two colors, never, never, never.  So I decided that I would make it in batik and use many shades of blue.  My white-tan background is all one fabric.  The quilt will probably not qualify as a two color quilt because as we all know, most batiks has other color running through them.  For me it is close.  
I watched The Quilt Show this morning.  They had Sharon Shamburg and Tom Russell as their guests.  For those of you who don't know Tom Russell passed away recently.  I met him once in Paducah.  I was with a group of people and Tom and the people he was with joined the people I was with and we all had supper together.  He was a very talented quilter.  The quilting world, and his family and friends will miss him. 
It is cold outside.  The wind feels like it is coming off the North Pole.  Before long, I will be saying, it is hot outside. 
Hope all is well.