Monday, January 23, 2012

Design Wall and Etc...........

Saturday, past, 6 of my quilting buddies and I hopped into my van and drove to Baton Rouge.  A road trip..... That means shopping and eating.  We stopped at Fabric Crazy.  We had a great time.  They have a lovely shop and I could not resist the batiks.  I bought way more than I thought I was buying.  I did buy several pieces that were three yards or more.  I hate it when I go to make a quilt and find this lovely fabric in my stash but there is not enough of it.  It is a problem since names and manufacturers are not on the edge of the fabric.

Look at this terrific little sign I found in the shop.  I could not resist.  And it is so true.

When we left Fabric Crazy we drove to Lafayette.  We went to The Borne Quilter.  Again more batiks but since I had over done it at Fabric Crazy and kept myself under control and did not buy much.  When we left there we went to Zea's.  Zea's is an outstanding restaurant.  If you like shrimp, they have a dish that is Asian something or other.  It is wonderful.  I am really not much of a shrimp person, but I could eat this everyday. 

From Zea's we drove to Raine.  Raine has a Dairy Queen.  Lake Charles does not.  So although we were all stuffed we had to have a Dairy Queen fix.  I don't know where I put that thing, but it was goooood. 

Copyright - Sharie Paulson
In my previous post is a picture of my last quilt.  This is a picture of the block for the next quilt.  I designed it a couple of weeks ago.  Some of the fabric I am putting in the quilt is fabric that I bought on Saturday.  It is time consuming to make this block but thankfully I only have 35 more to go.  The flower at the top is purple.  The others are going to be yellow, pink, teal and the purple. 

The weather here is gorgeous, 71 degrees.  We have had several days of 70 + degree weather.  I do know that it will not last, but spring comes early.  It would be nice to have a few more weeks of winter.  Once spring arrives summer is not far behind.  And summers are not fun in the deep south. 

Hope all is well on your end.............

Monday, January 16, 2012

Top is Done............

Copyright - Sharie Paulson
I have finally finished this top and the back is nearly finished.  It will be off to the quilter this week.  I have been dragging my feet and of course I am now under a deadline, so it is time to get this done. 

There is nothing going on here that is exciting.  The weather is great today - 72 degrees, the forcasters are predicting rain.  It has been very windy today.

I am still working on organizing my storage for quilting.  I saw some great carts at a friends house.  I am going to do a search on line to see if I can find them.  I would like to have shorter ones than Judy has.  I need one for a closet.  I do not want to remove the shelf that is in there so it needs to fit under that shelf.  The carts have large wheels.  I would like to have one for my sunporch also.  I don't like to have "things" sitting on the floor.  I think they will work out perfectly. 

Hope all is well on your end..............