Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nebraska, Kitty Kat, and Quilting...........

Nebraska - International Quilt Study Center and Museum

I want to touch on one of the galleries at the International Quilt Study Center and Museum at Lincoln, NE.   This particular gallery had Janet Finley's pictures on display.  The museum curators picked certain pictures, had them blown up to a very large size and then found a quilt to match the quilt in the picture from their collection and displayed it
with the pictures.  This exhibition was very well done. 

Janet Finley and I had our picture taken in front of this picture.  The museum had this quilt displayed on the opposite wall.  The quilt is absolutely beautiful.  Click on this picture so you can see the quilt better.  

If you are interested Janet Finley's book can be purchased through  Check my right column for details. 
Janet Finley and Sharie

Kitty Kat
JAC (Just A Cat)

This is JAC.  She loves to watch me sew.   I think she is a ham.  I think she likes to get her picture taken.  She must think it is a good thing, because I am talking sweetly to her.  She has a squeaky meow and she likes to talk to me. 



As you all know since I harp on it a lot, I am trying to use up lots of my fabric in my stash.  This is one of those quilts.  It goes together really really fast.  It is a quilt that if you needed one for a gift in a hurry you could make it in a short period of time.  I made this with the "Late Bloomers" line from Moda.  I have enough of this fabric to make two quilts with each a pieced back and I am sure I will have fabric left over. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

More About Nebraska Trip and Etc.............

One of the highlights of our trip was our visit to Fabric Essentials in Concordia, KS.  The shop was on the Shop Hop.  The girls were a joy to talk with and we had ever so much fun going through and looking at the 6000 plus bolts of fabric that they have. 

Willey and Billy at Fabric Essentials, Concordia, KS

We decided to eat in Concordia.  There was a mom & pop restaurant across the street.  The food was very good.   On the way over to the restaurant we passed (across the street) this building.  I don't know what it was built for originally or what is in it today , but it was very interesting.  It looked like it had been there a very long time. 
Building - Concordia, KS
I have been busy quilting everyday.  It is hot outside, so thus the best thing to do is to stay in where it is cool and quilt.   This is the first block of my Alaska - Nebraska quilt.  In one of my postings  I think I mentioned that I was going to make this quilt.  The idea was to combine the batiks that I bought last year when I was in Alaska with the batiks that I bought this year on my trip to and from Nebraska.   If you look close, The fabric on the outside is bears and bear paws.   Next week, I hope to have several squares finished.  Hopefully it will be an interesting quilt when it is done.  The pattern is a Judy Neimeyer.  I have added a "border" to the block.  When I received the pattern I realized it wasn't exactly what I wanted, and it would "chop up" my Alaska animal fabric.  So thus I am adding a border to each outside block so that you can see the animals and etc. 
I took this picture in my backyard.  We have many Cardinals and Blue Jays.  These are Cardinals.  I would assume mama and papa.  There were several in the bushes and trees.  My office has little trees (really bushes that look like trees) in front and to the side of it.  It is a lovely view.  I have the pleasure of bird watching.  I get lots of birds and most I don't know what they are.  I assume some migrate in from other places.   You may want to click on this to make it larger. 

Hope all is well with you.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Odds and Ends and Nebraska

Odds and Ends...........

Hall Teapot - Blue Bouquet

I was over in Sulphur, LA looking in on my house.  While there a friend and I went to lunch and then checked out an antique and collectible store.  This store has only been open a short period of time.  While there, I found a Hall's teapot.  Some of you know that I collect them  (to a point).  They have to be in really good condition and so far all that I have bought have been different. 

This tree/bush is in my back yard.  I don't know
what it is 
but it is really pretty.  It looks like snow. 

Today, I finished putting the rows together for this quilt.  Tomorrow I will put on the two borders .  You can see the pieced border, which is the outside border.  I have been working on this quilt for some time.  It was my project making the blocks when I sew with the Stitch and Cackle Quilt Circle.                                                                     



On our shop hop we stopped at "No Place Like Home" in Minneapolis, Kansas.  This was a lovely shop.

Lucky me.........
I won a shop's gift.  A couple of days ago, in the mailbox was a box.  On the return it said Material Girls from Abilene, KS.  I thought, did I order something????  To my surprise when I opened it I was the shops winner. 
Sharie & Willey

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Nebraska and Shopping We Will Go............

Sharie, Janet, Billy, Willey @ Quilt House (museum)
This quilt was hanging in the lobby of the Quilt House (museum) at Lincoln, NE.  We were all having a wonderful time.  Billy was having a great time talking to all the ladies and he also enjoys shopping.  Billy is a long arm quilter, and he is also a helicopter pilot.

Janet is Janet Finley, the author of Quilts in Everyday Life, 1855-1955.  It is a super book, lots of pictures and lots of history.  Willey is one of my quilting buddies.  Janet flew into Lincoln and Billy, Willey and I drove.  It was a long drive, we made many miles each day. 

On our way back we stopped at Tulsa, OK and checked out "The Quilt Sampler."  It is a lovely store with many many choices.  We went next door for lunch.  Super food............  It gave us a nice break from the travels of the day.  The quilt store has Bernina and Pfaff distributorships.  I have a Bernina and two Pfaff's.  I checked out the new ones.  They are lovely, but mine do what I want them to do, so no new machines for me.  Besides, I bought a George a couple of years ago.  I am almost machine poor.   
Willey and Sharie at The Quilt Sampler, Tulsa, OK

In about 2007, I started a group, each of us making a Dear Jane quilt.  This went on for about 4 years.  We had one person who made all of the center blocks.  The rest of us, because life gets in the way sometimes, made a various number of blocks.  About a year ago, roughly, I decided there is no way on this earth that I am going to finish making all of these blocks.  I decided to design a quilt, using the blocks that I had made.  Monday, I finished putting the last two sides of a border on the top of the quilt.  I still have 9 blocks reserved for the back.  Sometime this year, with luck, I will make a back and quilt My Baby Jane.  When I get it finished, I will put a sleeve on the back and hang the quilt and try for a better picture.

My Baby Jane

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I left home on April 23 for a trip to Lincoln, NE.  I had planned this trip for months.  Willey and Billy and I went to the International Quilt Study Center and Museum at Lincoln.  Janet Finley, the author of Quilts in Everyday Life, 1855-1955 was there to give
International Quilt Study Center & Museum at Lincoln, NE
a program and her pictures were on display in the gallery.  There were several programs and tours of all the exhibits over a two day period.  We started on Thursday evening with a reception and then Friday was a full day until 7 P.M.  Saturday was also a big day but not as long.  They fed us very well.  I really enjoyed the lunches.

Willey, Billy and I shopped (and did we shop) up to Nebraska and back to Louisiana.  I have taken many pictures and have lots to talk about.  I am going to do my Nebraska story over several posts as I did with my Alaska story.  So do come back and see what we did on this trip. 

I must put in something about quilting.  Let's put it this way, we parted with much that was in our wallets and plastic was used.  We over-ate, finding that we could not resist desserts or the Dairy Queen, the Licorice Shop, the chocolate covered Oreo's.  Now we diet.............

Sharie and Willey at Sew Country, Belleville, KS 
We found many really nice shops on our trip.  We even went on a shop hop.  It was being held in Kansas.  All the shops were open on Sunday, the day we were coming through Kansas.  We went to 5 shops out of 7.  We also went to shops in Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas.  All the people were terrific. 

More next time.................