Monday, August 30, 2010

What's on my Design Wall...............and Ellen's Pictures

Nothing really exciting on my design wall, but I hope it will turn into something exciting.  I have always wanted to make a "house" quilt.  I have lots of pieces mostly small left over from "A Bow Tie Affair."  I had originally bought a bundle of Portobello Market fabric.  I had not used two of the colorways in the ABTA quilt and also had all of these little pieces left over.  With some additions from my stash I could use up this fabric and hopefully have a nice "house" quilt.  This is the second story of the house.  Later today, hopefully, I will have the rest of the house finished.  The other squares that you see in the background are another quilt.  I am also going to work on that today. 

I want to show you the "skinny wall" in my sewing room.  These pictures were painted by my daughter.  If you are interested she has an etsy shop.  I hope to add some of her pictures to the right column of this blog.  First she has to figure out how to get them to me.  For some reason the email isn't coming through.  I haven't looked at it as yet, but will.

We have a dreary day in south west Louisiana.  It is not raining but looks like it will.  It is 77 degrees.  Wish it would stay at that all day.  I am a bit tired of summer and am greatly looking forward to winter. 

Hope all is well on your end..........


  1. Sharie your house quilt is going to look great. Love the fabric. Makes me want to go find my fig tree house book (like I need another project, HA). Ellen's art looks great in your new sewing room.

  2. I am with you. I am so sick of the 100 degree heat.

  3. I love house blocks! These are very pretty little houses :)

    I wish it were 77 degrees too--it has been a very cool summer in SoCalif. Only 68 today here at the beach.

  4. Sharie, do you have a layout in mind for your house project? I've seen lots of ideas on the internet many of which include trees. Use up that stash!