Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sharie's News..........

We have been busy around here so I should have lots of news. 

I have moved into my sewing room.  It is not totally finished but should be in a few days.  I wish to hang a quilt and have just received new blinds (UPS) that need to go up and a bulletin board that needs to be shortened and hung.  I can sew in there and that is most important.  The room has a new ceramic tiled floor. Also, a new paint job thanks to my daughter, Ellen.  I am in heaven.............I have a picture or two to post.  I would like to add more but the lighting is very bad at the moment.   Come back and check out the rest of the room as I get pictures to post.

The sunporch looks very different (where I sewed before).  I still store a lot of my quilting things out there but it looks so much larger with all the tables and storage carts gone.

I am off to a Shop Hop this weekend.  We pickup a bus in Lafayette (at a quilt shop).  It will be nice since we don't have to drive.  There is about 32 women going on the bus.  We go as far as Baton Rouge, stay overnight in Covington, hit a few shops on Saturday and then home.  Should be great fun.  If I remember my camera, I will post pictures when I get back.

This is Chester.  He thought he was being helpful.  He decided to go higher.  Ellen was painting the room.  It was a peachy pink, now, a gray blue.  It goes beautifully with the tile. 

To the left is my design board and my featherweight sewing machine
and then my cutting table.  Under it is lots of project boxes.  On the lower left is a cube (holds boxes, they pull out).  I have two more cubes that need to be put together.  Organization.....  The cubes are nice since the boxes pull out.  Without a doubt, if I wanted one of the projects it would be on the bottom and I would have to move everything on the top. 

Above is my ironing surface (this is one of those things that you cannot fix with this word processor) :-(    It is a 24 x 48 table with a big board on top.  It is perfect not only for ironing but for putting long things together as I am doing there (making borders).  In the background (it is going bye bye) my old design boards.  I have to either move the blocks or sew the blocks together.  Next project after the project on the ironing board. 

The picture was done by my daughter.  She is an artist.  It is on canvas.  In the next few days I am going to post some of her art (for sale) on the right column of my blog.  Sorry, you quilters, this one is mine. 

Look at this tree.  It is changing colors and it is the 10 August and it is still in the 90's (every day).  I don't understand why it is changing colors.  Of course I don't know what kind of tree it is.  I don't recall it changing colors before this early in the year.  Sure is pretty. 

Click on pictures for a better view.

Sorry the format is not better.  This program is a long way from having a decent word processor.  It is very difficult trying to edit anything.  It is enough to pull your hair out. 

Hope all is well on your end..................


  1. Sharie your new sewing room is looking great. I know you are excited, can't wait to see it. Ellen's art work is so pretty, I thought it was a quilt you had paper pieced. She better watch out you may make her a quilter after all. She definitely has her momma's genes. Have fun on the shop hop and hope you take pictures.

  2. I like to colors of the walls.I used to have a cat that would climb ladders,he would lay on top and watch everything.good thing he never helped paint.