Monday, September 6, 2010

What's on my Design Wall 5 Sept 2010...............and etc.

There is a group (8) of us making the Judy Neimeyer Bali Star Wedding Quilt.  Each of us are making our own quilt and some are making more than one.  I am much behind and am trying to play catch-up.  Most of this week I have worked on that quilt.  I don't have much to show for it though.  There is 24 pages of directions.  I have read and reread and reread.  I found it was easier to make a copy of the foundation pieces (I put them on one page) and then wrote notes on that.  There is a lot of cutting.  I had finished the arcs awhile back.  Yesterday, I discovered that I made one of the groups backwards so will have to remake 16 more of them.  The backwards arcs will go on the back of the quilt although, I am dreaming up a border and maybe I will put them in the border.  This is the pattern and this is the first block (it is not sewed together). 

Also on my design wall is a couple of houses and a set of trees. 

On the home front...............My daughter and her cat are on their way to Spokane tomorrow.  She was unable to find a job here and is hoping that she will find one there.  A high school friend is living there and has invited her to stay while she looks.  She had been hoping to leave the winters of Wisconsin behind her.  Spokane has a lot of winter.  My kitty cats are going to miss Chester. 

Hope all is well on your end.......................


  1. oh wow that quilt looks complicated but just beautiful.

  2. I love Judy Neimyer quilts, but, I agree, they sure are labour intensive. But so very worth the time and sweat, and occasional not very pretty word. Yours has lovely colours, and will be very lovely when done. Keep at it, 'cause it will be worth it in the end. I'm currently working on her Cactus Rose pattern.

  3. Looks too complicated for me, lol. I'll bet it will be gorgeous, though!

  4. That is some very complex stitching required! Good idea to reuse the reversed pieces elsewhere.

    Sorry to hear your DD had to move. At least in Spokane it isn't quite as snowy as Wisconsin :)

  5. Wedding ring is gorgeous, i know you will miss daughter, and Ireally do like the houses and trees. My secret love has been houses and trees, but I actually make very few of them.


  6. That wedding quilt is going to be AMAZING!!!