Monday, August 16, 2010

What's on my Design Wall.............and etc..............

Actually at some point in the last few months you have seen both of these quilts.  More then showing off my quilts, I am going to show off more of my new sewing room and the shop hop "stuff" (see yesterday's post). 
The quilt laying on the table - I am putting the borders on it.  I have 2 sides to go.  The quilt on the design wall (isn't that a nice wall) has been needing attention, and it is coming up soon.  My son put up the design wall.  I am going to put up a bulletin board, made from the same material, then all the "junk" on the wall should go away.  The table (with quilt) is actually my ironing surface (that has changed from original table posted a few days ago - I made it larger).  It is (2) 23 x 48 tables and 2 big boards.  I added batting to both and covered them with muslin so that it looks like one piece. 

Now, I must show you what I bought on my shop hop...........
The sewing machine on the left - Pfaff 2170.  The other machine on the right is a Pfaff 2144 upgraded to a 2170.  Why would I buy another machine practically exactly like the one I already have???????????WELL.........I do some embroidery and I embroidery all of my labels.  I hated to change my machine from sewing to embroidery and back again.  I bought this machine because I know how to run it, all of the things that I have bought for the 2144 will work on the 2170.  So, I am a happy camper. 

I wanted to show you my work area.  Across from this is my cutting board (see previous posts).  The room is coming together.  I still have things to do, but they are on hold.  My son is off to the great northwest and he is my "put it together" person. 

More shop hop "stuff" in the next post.
Click on pictures for a better view...........
Hope all is well on your end..............


  1. I have 2 babylocks for exactly the same reason. I hate having to change one over.

  2. I like the quilts, and the room and the machines! you go, girl!


  3. SOuth Louisiana? Really. How fun. I am in Baton Rouge. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I am glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the anniversary wishes! It was quite dull with the gout diet hanging over his head.
    glen: he owes me a nice expensive dinner now