Sunday, August 15, 2010

SHARIE'S STASH.............. and SHOP HOPPIN'

Shop Hop was Friday and Saturday.  We picked up a bus in Lafayette at The Borne Quilter.  We stopped at two quilt stores in Baton Rouge continued on to Independance.  I must say that we had the best bus driver in the world.  If anyone has been to Mama's Quilt Shop in anything bigger than a Volkswagon knows the road and then the drive to the shop is quite narrow (besides the ditches on each side of the drive).   We took a bus the size of a greyhound up that drive and then he backed up out of that drive.  He got a big round of applause when we were back out onto the road.  Then it was time to eat in Hammond, LA and then call it a day staying overnight in Covington. 

Saturday - another day of chasing fabric and etc.  On we went after breakfast to Mandeville and then to Houma and back to Lafayette.  Great fun was had by all.

I only have a few pictures, my camera died - dead battery. 

STASH REPORT............
You cannot go on a shop hop and not buy fabric or at least I can't.  No control at all.  I bought more and spent more than what should be allowed, but oh so fun.  The "I Love Quilting" sign is for my sewing room.  I could not resist. 

I have several more pictures to post but will post them in a separate posting.  Come take a look...................I actually bought 37 1/8 yards (many batiks).  I also have another sack of fabric that got mixed into someone's bags so that is not counted.
In  38 1/8 yards
Out  -2 7/8 yards
118 1/8 yards
Out  -62 1/4 yards
Net:  55 7/8 yards

It looks like I need to do some serious quilting................
Click on the pictures, you have a much better view.  Hope all is well on your end................


  1. We did have a good time on the bus. Mr. Joe is an extremely good driver. I wish you had let me know you were taking my picture...I would have turned and smiled. I only bought 33 yards but am going back to BQ and Amelia's for certain fabrics.

  2. Sharie! That's a lot of fabric added! At least your net is still in the black.

  3. How did I know batik's would be in that pile? Hee hee. I'm glad you had a good time you deserved it.