Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Nebraska and Shopping We Will Go............

Sharie, Janet, Billy, Willey @ Quilt House (museum)
This quilt was hanging in the lobby of the Quilt House (museum) at Lincoln, NE.  We were all having a wonderful time.  Billy was having a great time talking to all the ladies and he also enjoys shopping.  Billy is a long arm quilter, and he is also a helicopter pilot.

Janet is Janet Finley, the author of Quilts in Everyday Life, 1855-1955.  It is a super book, lots of pictures and lots of history.  Willey is one of my quilting buddies.  Janet flew into Lincoln and Billy, Willey and I drove.  It was a long drive, we made many miles each day. 

On our way back we stopped at Tulsa, OK and checked out "The Quilt Sampler."  It is a lovely store with many many choices.  We went next door for lunch.  Super food............  It gave us a nice break from the travels of the day.  The quilt store has Bernina and Pfaff distributorships.  I have a Bernina and two Pfaff's.  I checked out the new ones.  They are lovely, but mine do what I want them to do, so no new machines for me.  Besides, I bought a George a couple of years ago.  I am almost machine poor.   
Willey and Sharie at The Quilt Sampler, Tulsa, OK

In about 2007, I started a group, each of us making a Dear Jane quilt.  This went on for about 4 years.  We had one person who made all of the center blocks.  The rest of us, because life gets in the way sometimes, made a various number of blocks.  About a year ago, roughly, I decided there is no way on this earth that I am going to finish making all of these blocks.  I decided to design a quilt, using the blocks that I had made.  Monday, I finished putting the last two sides of a border on the top of the quilt.  I still have 9 blocks reserved for the back.  Sometime this year, with luck, I will make a back and quilt My Baby Jane.  When I get it finished, I will put a sleeve on the back and hang the quilt and try for a better picture.

My Baby Jane


  1. I continue to slowly churn out my Jane Stickle blocks. I love the way your quilt is set.

  2. Thank you Mary. I changed it several times before ending with what it is. I need now to find time to quilt it. More decisions. I am not much of a quilter and there is some nice spaces on that quilt for quilting. I may wait awhile until I get more practice. I love the Bluebonnets on your blog. They are so pretty.