Friday, March 15, 2013

What a Week.............

Starring the Waterlilies
Quilt Show Week...
It has been a week.  Busy, busy, busy.  It is quilt show week, and quilt week means lots to do.  I will skip the beginning of the week, and go to today.  Kathy, picked me up this morning about noon.  We went to Jason's.  For those of you who don't live near a Jason's, oh what you are missing.  It is a deli and the food is oh so good.  There was six of us for lunch.  After lunch five us went to the quilt show and the other gal went to work (she went to the show in the morning).  As we walked in,  I had a quilt hanging just as you enter.  It is ever so exciting to win a ribbon.  I was blessed this quilt won three ribbons.  As you can see a blue (1st place) and 2 golds (2 judges choice).

The show was held at the Lake Charles Civic Center.  They had several vendors there selling mostly quilting supplies.  It is always fun to shop.  I did keep myself under control and except for a few pieces of batik only bought what I needed, really needed. 

Pina Coladas Under the Flowering Trees
 I had two other quilts entered in the show.  Each one placed.  Pina Coladas took a 2nd place ribbon and Logs on the Square took a 3rd place ribbon.  There are a lot of beautiful quilts at the show. 

Thank you Connie for taking these pictures. 

What's in a Name..........
Logs on the Square
I love naming quilts.  I usually start thinking about a name when I start the quilt.  Sometimes I am up to putting on the label before I have finally decided what to name it.  There are times that I just cannot find that right name.  When I made Waterlilies, I did not want to name it the pattern name.  Afterall that is the designers name and no quilt is exactly like the designer's quilt and her name should be her name.  I did change the quilt design but the quilt is based on the designer's pattern.  So with a lot of thought , and computer searching, I found that the Waterlilies were the sychronized swimming team that starred with Esther Williams in her movies.  I thought the points on the quilt looked like legs, so thus it is named Starring the Waterlilies. 

Logs on the Square is my own design and it was named when I was going through brochures for log cabins.  I wanted to name it something to do with a log cabin without saying log cabin.  In one of the brochures there was a cabin named with something on the square.  Ah, ha,  light bulb goes on - Logs on the Square.

It took me a long time to come up with Pina Coladas and again this quilt was my design.  I thought about the fact that the blocks were pineapple blocks.  There is birds and flowers in trees.  Think, think, think.....I needed a fancier word for pineapple, so thus, Pina Coladas Under the Flowering Trees. 

Hope you all had a great day............


  1. Saw your quilts today, congratulations. They are beautiful

  2. Thank you much.......I didn't see you at the show - I went on Friday and Judy Blum was good enough to pick up my quilts so I didn't have to make an extra trip in. There were a lot gorgeous quilts there this year.