Friday, July 19, 2013

Yethi Says it is Hot, Quilts and Bug Bites

Fire Ants....

week ago
tomorrow, I was out watering a flower bed.  Anyone living in the south is familiar with Fire Ants.  Some living out of the south have probably heard of them.  Fire Ants build mounds, and it is unbelievable how many ants there can be in a mound.  I have found that if I take a broomstick and punch several holes in them, the ants come swarming out.  Then I take cheap iodized salt (sometimes at 25 cents a box) and I sprinkle it on top of the mound.  This usually works the first time, but if not the second time, you never see those ants again.  Now back to my story, I was watering.  When I finished I was curling up the hose to put it away, I looked down and I had ants to my knees.  Thankfully, I had on jeans, socks and shoes.  I started patting at them and then decided to wash them off.  I was lucky, I only had 5 bites.  I think I am allergic to them.   In the picture that is one bite.  They burn, they hurt and they itch.  I woke up two nights in a row scratching.  They are not fun.  Today, that bite is about the size of a quarter.  Thankfully all of them quit itching about 3 days ago.

The problem with the mounds is when you mow your yard, you mow over the top and then when you are walking in the grass you can't see them.  That is why I didn't know that the ants were there.  I try to keep the ants out of my back yard because of my dogs.  It is a fenced area, so that is the area that I am most concerned about.  Fire Ants can kill a cow, can you imagine a poor dog. 

Yethi says it is hot.............

First the Back
I bought this fan a while back.  I keep it in my office.  Central air (I have two) just cannot keep the house cool.  Between the heat and the humidity, it is an impossible  feat.  Yethi discovered this fan.  Notice on the back picture her hair is split. 
And Now the Front

This is the center of a scrappy quilt that I have been working on.  It is not quite put together.  I hope to have the borders on by the next time I blog. 

Hope all is well with you.

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