Monday, May 24, 2010

What's on my Design Wall...........24 May 2010

Last week, I said that I would add red to the blocks that I had made.  I have red, but not the red that I had intended.  What you see in the pieced border is the outside border fabric, and it looks not too bad (there is a pieced border, a white border, a brown border and the outside border).  Now to explain what happened to my red.  On May 7th I ordered  3 reds (if I recall correctly) along with several other pieces of fabric.  It was enough that I would get free shipping.  I always like free shipping.  So, I waited for my package to arrive.  It didn't come.  So, there is this very long tracking number given to my package by the United States Postal Service (USPS).  I got on the USPS site and put in my very long tracking number.  I find that my package has left Maryland (where I ordered it) on May 7th.  The next distination is Baton Rouge.  It arrives it is checked in and sent on its way on May 9th.  Lake Charles where I live (actually I live in Moss Bluff) and the next distination from Baton Rouge is roughly 2 hours away.  It is now the 24th of May, no package.  Now if it was coming by pony express it probably would have been here before this.  Try to get any information out of the post office.  So here I sit waiting for my very expensive box of fabric and must I say my red fabric, out there probably floating in a swamp and the post office has no idea where it is.


  1. Oh no hope you get it soon. I love your borders.

  2. I hope you've found your package by now. How frustrating!