Monday, May 3, 2010

Sharie's News.............Yard Work

Jim had started this flower bed for me but because of his health he didn't get it finished.  When Terry and Ellen came in April, along with Vic, they did a lot of yard work for me and finished the wall for the flower bed.  Vic and I are trying to make the yard as free of work as possible.  Yesterday, Vic an I went flower and statuary shopping.  We found this wonderful statuary and we bought ground cover with the hopes that it will fill in.  It is a perenial so with luck we won't have to plant again next year.  I can see this from my kitchen window.  I think it will be lovely when it is filled with flowers. 

Way in the background are Knock Out Roses.  At the moment they look a bit sad, but yesterday when I was watering, I noticed that they are beginning to get a lot of new growth.  Next weekend we are going to mulch that bed.  Good bye weeds. 

It is getting warm around here.  The prediction was for 91 degrees.  So far it has not crossed that 90 degree mark.  I dread summer.  I wish it could stay just like it is.  Everything is so pretty.  Lots of blooming bushes. 

My sister, Kathy, came to visit for 12 days.  We had a great time going here and there.  We ate out a lot. 

Sharie, Vic, Kathy ---------------------Vic, Ellen, Terry

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  1. That is the cutest statue and the yard looks great. Great pictures of your family I know you were glad to have them with you.