Sunday, May 23, 2010

Stash Report 23 May 2010

Look at this fabric.  It was screaming at me - take me home.  Actually I had been eyeing this fabric for months.  The local shop had gotten this line in.  But.........they saved it because they were going to do a block of the month quilt.  They didn't sell any of it until they were through with their block of the month.  So I patiently waited.  I walked into the shop and one of the owners said to me - look at what is on the shelf.  I promptly went home and designed a quilt.  My intentions is to add tan to the fabric.  It sounds like I bought a lot of fabric, but remember I piece my backs.  Click on the picture, you will get a better view. 

Stash Report
This week:
In 14 yards
Out 0 yards
Year to Date"
In 68 yards
Out - 53 yards
Net 15 yards


  1. Sharie,
    What line is this? It is really beautiful and I don't think we carry it in our shop. I especially like the blue floral.

  2. Fabrics speak a language that only dedicated sewers and quilters hear!

    Just wanted to let you know that, for some reason, the link from Judy's site to here for your Stash Report isn't working...