Sunday, May 9, 2010

Stash Report 9 May 2010..............Sharie's News

HAPPY   MOTHER'S  DAY...................

I am back to quilting.  I have really missed it.  I decided that I would start something new, which is probably not the thing I should do, but I wanted to start with something fresh.  So, I created a pattern and dug in my stash, and picked up a piece or two. 

Vic took me to dinner today.  We went to the local Texas Roadhouse.  They have really good catfish, a wonderful baked sweet potatoe, a very good Caesar salad and rolls with honey cinnamon butter.  It is a feast, and oh, I must mention the raspberry tea.    I sure would like to have the recipe for the raspberry tea.  I was stuffed when I left, and Yethi is stuffed on leftovers. 

Then we went shopping at Wal Mart.  I needed a few things to add to my food locker for the week.  Wal Mart was close so that is where we went.  I love going to our super super grocery stores, but that was a bit out of our way and I didn't need anything special.  Our Wal Marts are so clean.  In California they were the pits.  I rarely ever went. 

Now for the Stash Report and I am looking forward to tomorrow to post "What is on my Design Wall."

This Week:
In 2 1/2 yards
Out -9 yards
Year to Date:
In 54 yards
Out -52 yards
Net 2 yards

I am almost there...........................

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