Friday, October 16, 2009

Pillowcases and Antique Chenille

This is a quilt I made while I was living in California. I had it quilted in Westlake, LA. I decided to put it on my guest bed. I change the quilt in my guest room every few months. Yesterday and today, I made the pillowcases to match. I had to do some hunting to find any fabric that had been used in the quilt. I piece all the backs on my quilts, so thus, I don't usually have very much fabric left over.

The stuffed rabbit on the bed is made with antique chenille. The local quilt guild invited a lady to do a program and her "thing" was antique chenille. She had some lovely things and very interesting things to say about chenille. Since I am talking about this subject, I will show you the doll I made many moons ago. Her dress is also antique chenille from the same source.

I really need to break down and buy a new camera. All of pictures that I have taken of late are dark in the upper corners. Click on pictures to see them in a larger view.


  1. Sharie, your quilt is so pretty. Love the colors.

  2. Thanks, Liz........I made this quilt a long time ago. Looking at it today, I would probably make one change to it. I really liked the fabric, but the colors really look tame compared to what I have been doing of late.