Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I am decorating for Halloween. I made this quilt a few years ago. It is so cute. I love all the puppy-dogs dressed up in costume. It was a panel and I chopped it up and added the other fabric. All the spiderwebs and the smiles and eyes on the pumpkins glow in the dark.
The skeleton is rubber. He is so cute. I put him in this artificial plant. So fun.....................
When I lived in California, we would get maybe 10-20 kids. Here, they block off the streets. I live on a circle with a couple of streets connecting the two sides together. They block those off. Cars are only allowed on the circle and they can only go one way. We get up to 1000 kids. That is three zeros, not a typo. That is a lot of candy. We have a big witch that talks and her eyes flash and etc. The little kids are very curious, some afraid. It is fun to watch the teenagers. They come up and look at her. I will say shake hands with my witch. When they touch her she goes into her "thing." It is so fun to watch the reactions. My son comes and helps me with halloween. He dresses as a stick man (glow sticks). We take a table and our witch and go to the end of our drive. Vic will run through the yard and it looks like a stick man. People are amazed. We have a neighbor that puts in a grave yard. They have a blast with that. They put someone in a coffin. They have two-way radios. The other person, will tell him when someone is coming and he will jump out of the coffin. So fun. The whole neighborhood does Halloween. ................................. Click on the pictures, you can see them better.

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