Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Where is the Sunshine and Sulphur, LA and a Little Bit of Quilting

Where is the sunshine?  Rain, rain go away, go away up north.  Up north, they need it.  As of January 15th we have had 11.02" of rain - normal is 2.63" of rain.  Our temperatures are cold.  Now I know it is not near as cold as it could be, but I live in the deep south, it should be a little warm, and it is cold and has been cold for days.  On January 15th it was 42/38 and normal is 61/42.  I like it cool enough to wear a sweater or a jacket.  Actually, I do not like hot weather.  I hate to complain about the cold.  I like to save my complaints for summer when it is miserable hot. 

hand dyes
Quilting.........  During the month of December, everybody and his dog was having quilting supply sales.  I found these wonderful hand dyes on the net.  The colors are super.  Now what do I do with them?  That will take some thought.

Hope all is well with you..............

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