Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Little History and a Book Review

Olive Filena Andrews b. 1833
Awhile back, I mentioned that I would now and then write about my genealogy and post some old pictures.  This lady is my great great grandmother.  She was Olive Filena Andrews Graham.  She was born in Ashtabula Co., OH in 1833.  She died at Jones Co., IA in 1888.  She was married Oct 1852 to James Thomas Graham.  She was the mother of 5 daughters and 3 sons.  One of her daughters had a very small write up in the Linesville, PA newspaper.  It said - Miss Hattie Graham of Linesville, has just finished a quilt called the "Old Maid's Patience" containing 10,080 pieces. 

Now if you think about it, they were lucky if their bed was a full sized bed.  Bed's were very small.  Those pieces in that quilt had to be very tiny.  I have tried to find a picture of an Old Maid's Patience quilt without luck.  I did find one somewhere along the line, but it could not be the same quilt.  The pieces were much too large for a quilt with these very small pieces.  If anyone finds one I would love to see it.

I made a quilt some time ago and named it "Hattie's Inspiration."  It has a lot of pieces but not near the number that Hattie put into her quilt.  You can find "Hattie's Inspiration" in the right column in the gallery section. 

A Book Review

Many of you are familiar with "Why Quilts Matter."  On their site they have a review of  the book "Quilts in Everyday Life 1855-1955  A 100-Year Photographic History by Janet E. Finley.  The review is very well done .  You can check it out on their site http://whyquiltsmatter.org/welcome/quilts-in-everyday-life-by-janet-finley/

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