Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year - I hope it is a terrific year for everyone. 

It is a very gloomy day in southwest Louisiana.  It has been raining, and raining, and raining.  We have flood warnings.  I hope that is not a bad sign.  To make things better and to bring some sunshine into my day, I bought a pair of shoes.  Now aren't these jazzy???  They should cheer anybody's day. 

I am still quilting on my quilt.   I have been dragging my feet.  Of course, I cannot just sit and do it.  My back just will not allow me to sit for long periods of time, and I wish I could use that for an excuse, I just have not got it done.  But there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and I just might finish that up today. 

I want to show you what I have been working on the last several weeks.  As you all know I have returned to crocheting.   I am a creature of habit.  My tv is rarely on until about 8:00 at night.  At that time I sit down, turn on the tv and pick up the crocheting.  I crochet for about 2 hours and then I retire to bed.  It is a boring life and nothing much changes.  This is the yarn that I purchased in Anchorage, AK.  These pictures really don't do it justice.  It is by Ella Rae.  They put out the most gorgeous yarns.  I took these pictures close up so they are blurry but I wanted you to see the pattern.  I am not sure it shows as great as it really looks. 

The pattern stitch is very easy.  It is a row of single crochet, a row of double crochet , a row of single crochet and etc.  Instead of putting your needle into a loop you go under both loops.  It gives it that ridge.  This is folded in half and again in half.  I still have about 10 rows of each, single and double, to go to finish a rectangle.  This eventually will end up being a shrug.  That is my intentions.  I will show you when it is finished. 

George (sit down long arm sewing machine) is calling.  He is saying that I am never going to get this quilt finished unless I make an effort.   The explanation of George above is for those that don't know what/who George is (he is not my boy friend).  George is my buddy.  He does a super job and would do an even better job if this was my talent.  I think I could live to be a hundred and never ever be great at this.

My mother, she had a little saying for everything in life.  She would say "can't never did anything".  Think about that, that is a true statement.  She would also say "there is no such word as can't."   I have had that echo through my brain over and over again.  And she was very good at saying, "practice makes perfect."  I thank my mother today, for any talents that I do possess, for it was she who taught me and insisted that I do it right. 

Again,  Happy New Year.................

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  1. Happy New Year Sharie, can't wait to see your shoes they are cute. Hope to see you soon.