Monday, April 30, 2012

Eyelashes and Slidell/New Orleans Trip

The eyelash quilt is slowly coming together.  I have made minor changes to the color, have not changed the design (it is a Judy Niemeyer pattern).  You will notice the picture is much better.  I bought a new camera.  It is doing a much better job then my old one.  I have almost all of the pieces made for this quilt.  I have been assembling blocks and the bottom row is put together.  This quilt has partial seams so thus I won't attempt to put the rows together until I have all the blocks finished. 

This past weekend I went with 3 of the gals I sew with to Slidell, LA.  The GSQA was holding a quilt show at the civic center.  We stopped at Mandeville, LA at a super shop.  Lots and lots of batiks.  I really tried to control myself, but it is difficult when you see all the gorgeous colors looking back at you and saying "take me home."  It is almost like looking at a puppy.  My New Year's resolution I think has fallen by the wayside.  It was a good idea in January but so far it has been a "big bust."  I have an upcoming trip to Alaska.  The only thing that will save me is I can only stuff so much into a suitcase. 

At Slidell we stopped at "Louie and the Red Headed Lady" restaurant.  What a super place to eat.  I only wish they were in Moss Bluff.  I would eat there everyday.  I had a catfish poorboy (I know that is not how they spell it).  It was supersized and the catfish was wonderful.  The waitress asked me if I wanted it "dressed."  Dressed????  I always dress........It is a term used in the New Orleans area meaning, lettuce, tomato, pickles and mayo (I think, I have that right).  Dressed, by all means.  As I said, wonderful.  After the show we went on to New Orleans.  I will save that for my next post. 

Hope all is well with you............


  1. Hi Sharie...sorry I missed you at the GSQA show...I was working at Mama's Quilt Shop the eyelash quilt. So beautiful.

  2. Your quilt is looking great Sharie. That mention of partial seams makes me know I will never want to borrow that pattern. LOL.