Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Quiltmaker, Bow Ties, and Eyelashes

My Easter Dress
Back in about September, I was working on a block (My Easter Dress) for a group quilt.  I sew with a group (8 including myself) of ladies every week.  We meet 1-3 times a week to chatter and to sew.  I put my block on my blog and also on Judy L.'s blog (design wall Monday).  One of the editor's from Quiltmaker was nosing around the blogs and she saw my block.  This is a block from one of Quiltmaker's Block Books.  She contacted me and asked about the details of the block, the quilt, and the group.  If you would like to see the results check out http://www.quiltmaker.com/.   In the middle of the page it says recent blog posts.  Under that click on - My Easter Dress. 

Eyelashes For a Lady
 I am still working on my Judy Niemeyer quilt.  This is a doozy but it is going to be a great quilt with lots of color and movement.  I am using 43 different batiks in it for the center and I don't know how many more in the border.  I wish I could take credit for the design, but I can't.  In the picture it looks like a big mess but it is slowly coming together.  By next week (I hope) it will be well on its way to being finished.  I need to have this to the quilter as close to May 1st as I can do. 

A Bow Tie Affair
This quilt is the last quilt that Larry Abshire (The Quilt Shoppe, Westlake, LA) quilted.  He quilted most of my quilts.  His talents are greatly missed.  Larry moved onto doing a thing that he dearly loves and that is being more involved with the American Legion.  He is the state commander and has a lot of work to do but he gets a lot of satisfaction in helping all the vets across the state.  This quilt I named "A Bow Tie Affair."  When you look at it you see white pinwheels, but if you cross your eyes a little you will see bow ties. 

Got to get busy, that quilt will not finish itself.  Hope all is well on your end.

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