Monday, December 6, 2010

What's on my Design Wall 6 Dec 2010 and etc................

I am not awake yet.  I am sure that my thought processes are still in limbo.  My design wall looks very much like it did last week.  I am putting all the blocks for Baby Jane - My Way together.  By next week, it should be done and I will be on something new. It will be so nice to have the Dear Jane blocks into a quilt even if it doesn't look like the traditional Dear Jane. 



Here is something that I worked on recently and could not show it.  We had a Christmas exchange in our bee.  Sometime during the year, we put 6 fat quarters into our lockers (we have lockers) and then on the sly, the person who has drawn your name pulls the fat quarters and if she wishes adds any fabric that she wants to it and at the end of the year we have a Christmas party and exchange.  Here is what I made for one of the bee members.  Notice the "daisy" on the front.  The bee members name is Daisy.  In the large front pocket you can put a 24 inch ruler. 

And this little quilt is what I received.  Isn't it gorgeous.  My friend, Eliska drew my name.  She is an outstanding quilter and does machine applique that looks like hand applique.  She won a first place and a judge's choice for a quilt a couple of years ago.  The quilt was absolutely beautiful.  She is really a talented lady. 

I Love Quilting

Vic put my new plate and cover on my car for me.  I bought the plate on the shop hop (I think August) and I bought the cover recently, where (?) I don't know, my brain is still in a fog. 

Vic is putting up outdoor lights.  Do you think we have enough?  I have been turning off everything in the house because I can just see my light bill now.  We have creatures that light up for our yard, but I am not sure that they are going to make it out this year.  We have to move the utility trailer to get them, so it may not happen.

Click on the pictures for a better view.


  1. Your gift is beautiful and so is the one you received. The light bill is exactly why we don't put lights out (our budget is already tight and I am not cutting into my fabric allowance.) but we do enjoy everyone else's light displays.

  2. Well Victor's in the Christmas spirit, I still don't have anything up yet. Daisy's bag come out so cute and how lucky for you that Aliska had your name, her work is amazing.

  3. What a beautiful and useful bag. I think every quilter who travels to quilt should have one just like it.

  4. Love the bag you made. Real pretty. I wish I had one, lol. And your gift is just wonderful. Aren't quilty gifts fun to get? Especially as pretty as this one. As for your lights, there's lots of them, lol. The local "kids" should just love them.

  5. Sharie, I am absolutely in love with my bag! I can't say thank you enough! It's flippin perfect! :-)