Monday, November 29, 2010

What's On My Design Wall...........Baby Jane My Way

A while back in one of my posts, I mentioned that I was going to do something with my Dear Jane blocks.  The time has come.  I sat down to EQ7 and came up with a quilt.  I will not have to make anymore blocks, that is good because I really didn't want to.  I must say that the quilt idea came from a quilt that I saw in a magazine.  It was gorgeous.  Not the traditional Dear Jane, but one made with batiks and the layout was great.  I could not copy her quilt although I would have liked to.  She had used 4 1/2 inch blocks and I am using 5 1/2 inch blocks.  I really did not want the quilt as large as hers either.  I am also going to make straight borders where she had scalloped hers.  So I started with her idea of putting it on point and from there it came out considerably different.  Only part of it is on my design board.  The board is not large enough and my larger design board is full.  I need a larger sewing room.  I have a feeling that my double garage is going to get remodeled.  I have two carports besides the garage, so I really don't have to park my car in it and since I never have it is not a big deal.  I could remove the doors and put up patio doors.  Wouldn't that look slick.  Add a window (cut through brick) and it would be a great room.

My grandson came for Thanksgiving................

We have a gloomy day here, but it is 72 degrees.  

Hope all is well on your end.


  1. Sounds like you had a fun Thanksgiving if your grandson made it. It was only 45 degrees here on Thursday and I loved it :)

    Your Dear Jane quilt is a nice variation.

  2. Sounds like a sound plan to me except for cutting through the bricks

  3. Neat layout for your DJ blocks. Love the black and tan together in the setting.

  4. I love your design for your Dear Jane blocks but I knew you would think of something clever. Cute grandson.