Saturday, November 27, 2010


We survived Thanksgiving.  Oh, so much food.  The weather here was super. 

Yesterday a cold front went through and believe me it was cold.  It never hit 50 degrees.  It felt much colder, but today is another day and it is warming up, the sky is bright blue and the wind is gone. 

Today, it is back to quilting.  I have decided to do something with my Dear Jane blocks.  I have put them up on my design board.  Monday, I should have a picture posted.  I have roughly 70 blocks finished and I think I may have to make another 15 to do the design that I want to make.  It is not going to be the traditional Dear Jane.  It is going to be Baby Jane My Way.  I just don't think I would live long enough to get all the blocks made.  My attention span is too short.  I would be off working on another quilt and Dear Jane would be back on the shelf. 

Marty, my grandson from Madison, WI was with us for the holiday.  He came in on Monday and left this morning.  It was so nice to have him here.  I took a couple of pictures, so will post them near to the bottom of the blog.  I had planned on taking more pictures, but it skipped my mind and it didn't happen.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Any of you do Black Friday?  I didn't.............There is no way I would fight those crowds.  Probably in my younger days I would have done it.

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