Monday, November 8, 2010

What's On My Design Wall and the Houston Quilt Show

The quilt on my design wall is made from a striped fabric.  It is all in the cut which is very simple and all the same.  I added the black for the inner border and the striped border is pieces of what was left over from the stripes.  When I add a black binding it will finish it nicely.  The idea for this quilt is from Dot Collins in Beaumont, TX.  She says it is her  stripe period. :-)  She has made a number of them, and they all look different depending on the stripe.

 Sharie, Joan, Linda, Angel

Linda and her big win

The Houston International Quilt Show was this week.  What fun...... Three friends and myself went on Wednesday and did preview night.  We stayed in a hotel within two blocks of the convention center.  Thursday, all day, except for lunch, was spent running here and there looking at all the goodies on display and of course leaving a few dollars behind.  That evening we went to the IQA doings in the ballroom (must be member).  The highlight of the evening was the door prizes, three retreats.  One in California, one in Colorado and one at La Grange, TX.  We decided to buy tickets and since you have to get yourself to the retreat we knew we could get to Texas.  So all of our tickets went into the box for Texas.  Do you have any idea how someone behaves when they win a retreat?  Let us just say, the winner (not me) was extremely excited.  But the kicker is, we all get to go.  The retreat is for 12 people, free.  She can bring all of her buddies.  We think spring when the wildflowers are blooming would be ideal. 

Now a picture of my purchases and a little explanation.........Fabric, Civil War fabric - a book, a pattern,  machine embroidery (actually 2, one was free) software,  featherweight bobbins and lubricant, a box of Auriful thread and a Judy Neimeyer pattern.  I should be busy until the next show.


  1. Wow! I would never have thought a strip would be so versitile!


  2. I zoomed in on all your loot, the Rose of Sharon embroidery is going to be beautiful. Cute quilt on your design wall. Talk to you soon. I need to take a picture of all the stuff I bought at festival. Like I needed anymore. LOL

  3. woop, woop on a retreat. What a great prize. I assume one of your friends won it. I like to retreat and am surprised at how much I get done. I always thought I was too social and spent too much time chatting. Next year I'm going to two of them.

  4. Beautiful quilt -- I agree with the black binding; it'll make it perfect! Nice job! :)

  5. Is that the fabric you got on our trip. It's amazing, I love it.

  6. Is that the fabric you got on our trip? It's amazing, I love it.