Sunday, September 19, 2010

Stash Report 19 Sept 2010.........etc

I have not done a stash report since 22 August but I have been taking notes.  I have made borders and pulled fabric for three quilts (no borders or backs).  I am going to make a back (pieced) this week so will pull fabric for that.  I have oodles to do, am going to sew this afternoon.  I am trying to finish up some quilts, but cannot stand not to start new ones (EQ7 is to blame).  Isn't this fabric gorgeous.  It was in my stash.  I created a pattern for it and hopefully I will show it tomorrow on "What's on my Design Wall."  I best go make some blocks.

I just let my dog out into the back yard.  A lizard fell on my head.  He jumped onto the floor, they move very fast.  He ran under an empty box (thankfully I saw him).  I lifted the box he ran for the door, before the cat got him, I opened the door and out ran the lizard.  I love the lizards, they are amazing.  I love them outside, not in my house.  It is so fun to watch them do pushups.  They will sit and look at you and bounce around if you talk to them.  I think they actually like people. 

I signed up for the bus trip to the Houston International show.  The shop (from the Shop Hop - see earlier postings) in Lafayette is furnishing a bus (of course we pay). It will stop in Lake Charles to pick us up on its way to Houston.  It is an over-nighter.  We leave on Friday and return on Saturday.  It should be great fun.

Stash Report
In  1 1/2 yards
Out  29 1/2 yards

Year to Date
In  127 yards
Out  -97 3/4 yards
Net 29 1/4 yards

I might break even by the end of the year that is if I practice self control at Houston.   I think I will look for things that I might like to have (a new mat) rather than fabric.  Fabric I don't need................

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  1. if a lizard fell on my head I think you could hear the shrieks at your house. I'm not scared of them, but the unexpected "thunk" on my head--well, I would have shrieked!