Saturday, September 26, 2009

Show us Your Stash

Oh my...........
No. 1 - This cabinet is packed full. Including the three drawers. One drawer is unfinished projects, the next is to the top with batiks and the bottom is civil war.
No. 2 - The right side - Lots of everything. Projects etc. In the middle is two wooden drawers, they are full of batiks. The funny looking tunnel is the cat's toy.
No. 3 - On the left - Lots of roll-around-carts, storage boxes and more project boxes.
No. 4 - Another cabinet. Only the top is full. The bottom actually has clothes in it.
I really don't expect much change in all of this by Jan. 1. I have projects that I am working on and really need to finish them before I tackle a new quilt. I had a goal for this year to finish 12 quilts. I think I am getting close. I might even make it. I need the same goal for next year, and if I don't buy anything else :-) I might actually make a dent in all of this.


  1. It looks pretty organized and there's definite a whole lot of it there! :)

  2. You definitely are very organized! I spied a purple Tutto bag - don't you love it? I have one in chartreuse! So now all you have left to do is bust some stash (yeah, I know, easier said than done!)

  3. If you've almost finished 12 quilts you're way ahead of me! I sew a lot but since I do a lot of handwork it doesn't go fast. I live in Arkansas but next summer my husband and I will be going on a mission trip to south Louisiana for four months. It's in Baldwin - a Methodist mission called Sager Brown I'd love to know about any good quilt shops in that area if you're close to there. blessings, marlene

  4. I have only lived in south Louisiana for 4 years. I am afraid I don't know where Baldwin is. Fill me in. I do know where the quilt shops are though.

    I sew a lot. Most of my quilts have "many pieces." They do take a lot of time to finish. I also piece all of my backs. I am not much of a tv watcher. I sew most every evening plus a couple of days at the shop.

    The Tutto Bag - I love it. It is the best one I have had. I have had it 2 years and does not show any wear. I have a machine at the shop, so I usually use it to transport my many other needs back and forth. It saves me many trips to my car to load and unload.

    And the stash - I have good intentions, like don't buy anymore fabric. I am weak. This weekend the shop is having a sale on batiks. They have 30 new bolts coming in. I love batiks. I need another one like a hole in the head.

  5. Wow Sharie - lots of containers for organizing there. Where in South Louisiana are you? I'm in New Orleans here - been here 9 years now. We only have a few quilt shops here in the New Orleans area - but I travel all over the state at times to shop in those quilt shops! What shop is having a sale on Batiks????

  6. I am in the Lake Charles area. There are four quilt stores in the cities of Westlake, Lake Charles, and Sulphur. Westlake is having the sale. I had heard that the New Orleans area had lost quilt stores because of Katrina. Containers are wonderful. Without them I would have a tremendous mess.