Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sharie's News

What is new???? Not a whole lot. Vic came over today and he and I worked in the yard. We have 1.2 acres of ground, so there is a lot of yard work. Jim does the mowing. He has been having problems with his back. He has difficulty walking but can still sit on his zero turn lawnmower. He puts on his ear phones (radio) and off he goes. We have a lot of grass, but we also have little trees and hedges, and big trees all need trimming. And then there is weed whacking. A lot of the work that Vic and I did today won't have to be done again for a year (I hope). The hedges should be going dormant, so maybe they won't need to be done again until late spring after they get a spurt of growth in the spring. We didn't finish all the work today, so Vic will be back in a few days and we will do more. The weather is good. We can't complain too much. It is starting to cool down. At least it is below 90. So far no hurricanes this year. Next week is the anniversary of Hurricane Rita. After Oct 1 we should be safe although I don't think hurricane season ends until Nov. 1st. Hope all is well on your end. Sharie


  1. I wandered over here from reading Judy's Design Wall Monday - and just wanted to say your quilts are absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!