Sunday, March 3, 2013

Cabin Fever & Take 5 or is it 6 & a Flying Saucer

Cabin Fever..........
Cabin Fever - fabric

In my last posting, I mentioned that I had ordered the pattern Cabin Fever by Judy Niemeyer.  It came........  To do a 72x72 inch quilt you need 72 fat quarters.  I went to the garage, it is where I keep most of my stash and all of my batiks.  I started pawing through the batiks.  Not to repeat any of the fabric and to have a big enough piece, I came up with nearly all of my 72 pieces.  Tomorrow, I may go to QB, I have a class to attend, so will take my list and see what I can find to round out all the fabric I will need to make the quilt.
 Take 5 or maybe it is 6.........

Take 5 or maybe it is 6
 The girls I quilt with (Cackle & Stitch Sewing Circle),  found a pattern that they thought we should all make.  It calls for 5 fabrics.  The fabrics I wanted to use were in my stash (see I am serious about using my stash).  I have had the fabric a long time and I am sure that I could not find them if I went looking and really did not want to.  So,  I picked another color from my stash and I am using 2 fabrics for my number 5.  Also instead of making five different squares I am making 6. 

On the large squares I am embroidering (machine) quilt patterns.  I am using "request" batting.  Then I am trimming that batting up to the embroidery.  When I quilt it it will have a double layer of batting under the embroidery.  I think this will work.  I am sure it has been done before.  This is suppose to be a quick quilt.  Of course it would be quicker if I didn't embroider it.

Flying Saucer
I have had a flag pole in my yard for many years.  The flag is suppose to be lit at night.  I have tried several different ways to light it.  I have tried electric lights - the yardman ( not the one I have now) somehow managed to mess them up.  Then, I decided solar is the way to go.  The trouble with solar ( although they have gotten better) they just don't throw light to a far enough distance.  Not long ago, I found this light.  It is placed under the ball of the flag.  The top has solar panels on it and underneath is a lot of lights (I didn't count).  A friend's husband put it up for me yesterday.  It has to charge.  I am hopeing  tonight that it will have charged enough.  Doesn't it look like a flying saucer?????  Click on picture, the top of the flag should be easier to see. 

Hope all is well.

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