Friday, February 22, 2013

The Queen and Etc...........

Yethi - The Queen
This is Yethi.  She think she's a queen.  I went in to make my bed and here she is snoring away.  The picture of comfort.  She had a hair cut last week.  I had the groomer cut her short.  Her hair is a lot to take care of.  She is really a beautiful dog with or without hair. 

I have not worked on my nine-patch this week.  I am binding two quilts.  Both must be done.  One is for my brother.  It is his birthday present.  It is late.  The other quilt is being entered in a show in March.  I am quickly running out of time.  In a few days I will be back at it.  I am anxious to finish the nine-patch quilts, I think they will jazz up my bedroom for spring. 

Log Cabin

I was pawing through a magazine the other day.  I found an ad for this quilt.  It is a Judy Niemeyer design.  I love log cabin quilts and I thought - this is up my alley,  points and logs.  Somehow I must restrain myself from starting this quilt.  I already have a Judy Niemeyer on the design wall.  It is nearly finished, and will be soon.  So many quilts to make, not enough time.

Have you ever fought city hall?  I am finding that it is much like doing genealogy.  It is sort of a mystery.  It is hard to understand why they do the things they do.  I believe that probably the biggest reason they do stupid things is for votes.  Another good reason is they are just plain stupid. 

Why would any city in their right minds (speaking of the powers to be) give a drainage ditch to the land owners along the drainage ditch.  They gave it to them for their own use.  Now what would their use be?  For what purpose would they need a drainage ditch?  This ditch is used to take out the rain water from the area.  Those of you who are familiar with Louisiana know that when it rains, it pours, and it just doesn't pour a little bit.  Now, unfortuately, that ditch runs in the back of some property owners who do not take care of their own property so why would they take care of a drainage ditch.  When the drainage ditch has trash, dirt that moves in from other areas because of rain water, weeds grow, there is not room for rain water.   The neighborhood is dependant on that ditch taking the rain water out of the area and keeping their homes from flooding.  Now the neighborhood is dependant on people who will not take care of their own let alone a drainage ditch.   This ditch must be maintained.  I just cannot believe that these people are so stupid.   If you live in Sulphur, you best watch what city hall is doing. 

I hope you all have a good day. 


  1. Our other property in Sulphur has a drainage ditch on it. The city can and does come in any time they want, they cut trees, overspray poison in the ditch. That is crazy that they don't do the same for everyone.

  2. Yehti is such a spoiled dog she even gets to sleep on beautiful quilts. I love that pattern too and I don't need to start another one but it's tempting though. Miss you my friend :)