Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Waiting for Hurricane Isaac.............

I have a quilt sandwiched, and I am going to start working on that quilt.  Isaac is about to arrive.  The best thing to do, is grab a Dr. Pepper and retire to the sewing room. 

One of the girls from the Stitch and Cackle Quilt Circle brought me this little cartoon.  How many of us does this fit????   In case you can't read it - it says -  Hello, my name is Alice and I haven't bought fabric for six days.........

The wind is picking up.  According to the forecast we will not get high winds.  If Isaac continues on its current path we should not have big problems, although they are forecasting a lot of rain.  The hourly forecast for tomorrow in the afternoon is 5 hours of 100% rain.  It is typical for it to pour here.  There is a big difference in a nice little rain for a long period of time and a pouring down rain for a long period of time.  I am only concerned because I have a house in Sulphur, LA where they do not take care of the culverts.  They have a bad habit of allowing them to fill up with debris.  When that happens there is not room for water.  So thus the streets fill up, the yards fill up and if you are lucky your house doesn't fill up.  I have that house on the market to sell.  I have put many dollars into it.  I just don't need those kind of headaches. 

My next concern is the power going out.  It is hot here, and it is also very humid.  I do not do well in the heat.  I keep telling myself I don't belong here, but then if I go back up north, I have severe winter to contend with.  Cool, I can handle, cold I can handle, severe cold I have done it and don't want to do it again.  So, I can only hope that the power stays on and the AC works.

My prayer is that all of the people that are in the path of Isaac come out well on the other end.  These storms can be so devastating.  Hopefully all will be well. 

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