Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tossed Salad and etc...............

Tossed Salad
Where does the time go.  I have been busy but what have I been doing?  I don't really think it has been much.  I did go to a class a week ago.  Dot Collins came over from the Beaumont, TX area and taught a class on her pattern "Tossed Salad."   This is a really a neat quilt.  Depending on what you use for fabric, color, focus fabric, panels (cut-up), you could make a dozen and they would all look different.  There is 15 different squares in this quilt.  I made some of them once, twice, three and four times.  I used filler pieces to make the blocks match up where I had made my focus fabric 8" and 4" instead of the standard 6".   Here is a picture without the border.  Tomorrow I will make that.  So do come back to see what it will look like when finished.

The weather is still typical south Louisiana.  It is hot and humid.  But then we are suppose to be hot and humid.  When it comes down to it I think we have been cooler then many parts of the country. 

School started this week.  Where I live, it is a small town.  The main road has an elementary and a high school and a Catholic school on it.  About one block off there is a middle school.  This is all in a very short distance.  The traffic is horrendous.  If you can go with the traffic, it moves very slow.  If you have to turn left, forget it.  It is not going to happen.  I have complained over and over again that we need a light.  Of course nobody listens.  So I hate to see school start.  You do learn to time your trips.  Now you would think living in this little little town, you would not have a problem, not true. 

I have rattled on, so thus I will quit.  Hopefully all is well on your end.

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