Monday, July 16, 2012

Rain, Rain Go Away...........

I hear far no rain today, but I think it is coming.  We have had rain for days.  Sometimes it has been a lot.  The grass and the weeds grow, grow and grow some more.  The yardman was here today.  My yard was looking like a field.  One nice thing, everything is green and actually when it rains it is cooler and the gulf stays cooler.  Down here we are about 45 miles north of the gulf living with the fear of a hurricane dropping in very quickly.  A cooler gulf is good. 

Gabrielle's Quilt
I have been working on grandchild number 2's quilt.  Last posting I showed grandchild number 1's quilt.  I finished the binding a couple of days ago.  And now I am quilting grandchild number 3's quilt.  "George" and I have been rather close.  I have had words (no cussing but close) for George.  I used King Tut thread.  King Tut is one of the best cotton threads around.  George did not like it and anything I did to try to fix it, did not work.  When I bought the machine the company sent me a sample of "So Fine."  So Fine is made by Superior Threads and they are also the maker of King Tut.  So Fine is a poly thread.  I tried the sample, hoorah, it was great, no breakage.  I found a sale and ordered several cones of thread.  Quite by accident I bought the same thread that I using in King Tut.  When the cones arrived I discovered I had the same color thread, so thus stopped using the cotton and changed to the poly.  I am back in good spirits and I like George again. 

This quilt has lots of color.  The center is actually a tree (you can click on picture to make it larger).   I loved this fabric when I bought it.  The scraps are on the back. 

Hope all is well with you.

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  1. I like your quilt. It must be nice to get the quilting done too.