Monday, June 11, 2012

Spectacular Alaska and a Yarn Trip

Yarn from Soldotna
From Kenai we went to Soldotna.  In Soldotna there is a lovely yarn shop.  The lady there was so helpful.  Beth crochets and she wanted to visit this shop.  When I was young, like about 20 or so, a wonderful lady taught me to crochet.  I crocheted for many years until into the 1980's.  Then I went on to something else.  I was looking through a crochet magazine and found a jacket that I just had to have.  Well in order to have it, I had to make it.  So, I bought yarn. 

Yarn shop at Soldotna

I am surprised at how much I remembered.  I started off just as if I had never quit.  The problem that I had was I crocheted tight and I wanted it looser.  I bought another needle that was a size larger and with practice I loosened the stitches up a bit.  I have more yarn to show you but that will be in another post. 
These are pictures that were taken at Homer.  In the last posting we had eaten at the Land's End.  Land's End is at the end of a spit that is at least a couple of miles long into the water.  Behind the restaurant I took pictures.  The scenery here is spectacular.   These pictures were taken on a cloudy day, can you imagine what they would be if the sun had been shining.  Look close at picture #2, you can see in the background the snow covered mountains.  What a sight this was.  You can click on the pictures to make them larger. 

More from Alaska - to be continued.  


  1. Beautiful views, I would love to see that one day. Can't wait to see what you crochet or knit.

  2. Yummy yarn! And, I love the scenery in Alaska... but the glaciers and snow and ice seem to less than what I remember... sigh. darn global warming....