Monday, June 18, 2012

Eeeek!!! It's a Bear

Swanson River at Captain Cook State Recreation Area
When going to Alaska the first thing you have to know is they have moose and brown/grizzly bears that roam free. The difference between Alaska and Louisiana is that if in Louisiana you see either a bear or a moose immediately (if not sooner) you would call the police and scream "there is a bear walking down the street."  In Alaska you only report a bear walking down the street, if it attacks someone.  Thankfully, although we saw a lot of moose, we did not see any bears.  We didn't see them, but they were there.  My friends, wanted to collect rocks off a beach at Captain Cook State Recreation Area.  When we got there several people were there on four wheelers.  We parked at the top of a bluff and my friends walked down to the beach.  I stayed in the pickup - there was no way I could do the walk.  While on the beach one of the guys on a four wheeler with a large gun tied to the front, came up to them and advised them that they were in brown bear country.  That ended the rock hunt.  And thankfully I did not have a visitor while sitting in the pickup.  That would not have been good. 

I am sure that all of you are dying to know the price of gas in Alaska.  It is high, very high. 

We visited a museum at Kenai.  It was very interesting.  This is a picture of a quilt made in 1991 for the Kenai Bicentennial. 

Quilt - at the museum Kenai, AK
Yarn, bought at the Kenai Fabric Shop in Kenai.  This is a large shop with many, many bolts of fabric.  Along with fabric they have a nice selection of yarn.  I dropped a few dollars there.  They had an unbelievable selection of batiks.  I think we made three trips to this store.  Each time I added to the batiks previously purchased and then we discovered yarn.  I could have bought more, but if I am in my right mind I will not have a stash of yarn.

For more on Alaska, see the previous postings.  To be continued......


  1. And why not a stash of yarn? That would be perfect for someone who uses it.

    I'll bet you had a wonderful, restful time in Alaska. Hubby and I dream of day!
    Love the photos,

  2. Wow the gas is high. Have you been going to the shop on Friday's to knit?

  3. Fabulous pictures of your trip and the fabrics you found.

  4. That yarn looks luscious... have fun knitting something in it!