Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Raspberry Tea and Flowers to See

This quilt you have seen before except.........it is different.  I made this quilt with a border of green and brown polka dots.  Sometimes you do stupid things and you know there stupid but you do them anyway.  Well, I made this border, cut the strips, the dots were not straight.  They were straight on part of the strip but not straight on the rest of the strip.  I knew I would not like it, but I didn't want to mess around with it and I did like the polka dots, so I put the border on the quilt, added the outside border, which you see plus the polka dot corner stones.  When I looked at the quilt hanging, I did not like it.  I put it in the amoire.  It stayed there for months. 

I finally decided that I really like this quilt and I needed to do something with it.  I took off the borders (the green and the brown polka dots) and the corner stones.  I found enough fabric of green with brown leaves and etc and decided I liked it.  So a new border was born.  Then I decided I had a red border on it already before the green and I thought a flange border in red would look really good.  So thus, a flange border was added.  Then I thought about the corner stones.  What can I do for corner stones?  I decided to make four more pineapple blocks.  So now we have pineapples in the corners, I put the brown print border back on and I have a top finished and I like it. 

I made a back and it is ready to be quilted.  Hooray!!!!!

I must apologize for the terrible photography.  I really need a new camera, and I guess I am going to have to break down and buy one.  When I do get one, I will post it again.  The colors are great and picture does not do it justice.

I must run, I am off to sew with friends.  I will add to this tonight or tomorrow, so come back and see what is going on at my house.

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