Monday, September 26, 2011

Design Wall Monday & etc

Today is my Victor's birthday. The time sure goes.  It is bad enough for me to have birthdays but then my kids have birthdays and the grandchildren keep getting older.  How could I possibly be this old.  Happy Birthday Vic and may you have many more (me too).

I have quilts on my design board but I have shown them before so am waiting to show them again when they get farther along.  In the meantime...... yesterday I made pillowcases for my grandchildren.  I sent them in the mail today.  Click on the picture and you can see it in a larger size.  The spider webs with big eyeballs is so cute. 

I went to lunch today.  I had catfish.  That probably doesn't surprise anybody.  I always eat catfish.  That is one thing about living here, most any restaurant has catfish. Some are better than others but it is rare that it is not good.  I also had a baked sweet potato, loaded.  So many calories, but oh so good.  Since I have been tied up with this back problem I have not been out a lot.  I actually went to Wal-mart today and walked all around it and did good.  I am on the mend.  Life is going to get back to normal.  Hooray!!!!!

Hope all is well on your end...........

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  1. Hooray for your back. I agree, if you can handle Walmart, you are definitely doing better. I like those pillowcases. My favorite it the flowered one, but that gray with the cats(I'm not certain)is cute. I bet your grandchildren will love them. What a good idea for a little "love you" gift.