Monday, September 19, 2011

On My Design Wall...........and etc.

I sew with 6 other women during the week in the evening.  One of them has a huge game room.  She has converted it to a quilting room for us.  We decided to make this little 12 inch quilt.  Each of us are making one and the decision is up in the air about what we will do with them.  This is not one of my designs, it is from the Quiltmaker magazine (My Easter Dress). 

Look at this little guy.  Isn't he cute?  I took his picture then I poured water on him.  It has been dry, I thought he might like a drink.  He was just outside my back door.  We have a creek that runs near by and we do get turtles every now and then.  I guess we had an alligator once also.  He followed the creek and some how ended up in the parking lot of the nearby grocery store.  They called the alligator people and they took him away.  I certainly would not want to open my front door and see an alligator smiling at me. 

Next week I am off to the dr.  I should get rid of my brace.  It will be so nice to get life back to normal.  It has been a long summer. 

Hope all is well on your end...............


  1. What a neat little block! Great photo of the turtle and I'm glad it was rescued.

  2. Just checking on you to see how you were doing. Cute block. Good for you for rescuing turtle. I don't see them up here where we live. I hope the doctor releases you next week.