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Allen, Dot, Glenna, Verna, Willey, Beth, Sharie
I am just back from Paducah.  We had been following the weather there for several days before we left.  The Ohio River continued to rise.  Our big concern was being able to get to our hotel since it is on the Ohio River.  We decided we were going to go anyway.  Five of us flew out of Houston and three flew out of San Antonio on Tuesday morning, arriving in Nashville, rented a 12 passenger van and off we went.  On our way to Paducah we saw rising waters and evidence of a tornado that had been through the area.  When we arrived at our hotel we found Harrah's next door was completely surrounded by water.  The hotel had water on three sides.  The hotel had a load of large gravel brought in to make a drive so we could get into the parking lot of the hotel. 

We ran between the raindrops up until Thursday.  Thursday, the weather was really nice.  Because of flooding some of the show had to be moved to other buildings.  Out near the mall, there were two large stores, side by side, that had closed so thus they moved everything that would have been in the flooded buildings there. 

We had two drivers, Beth and Dot, and they did a wonderful job.  There is no way on this earth that I would have tried to get that big van around in the traffic and with people going in every direction.  We found the food was very good.  Dot, Allen and Beth have been going to Paducah for years.  They kept us from going astray.  They knew the best times to go somewhere and the best places to eat.  They did a great job. 

Door Knobs on side of Harrah's Building Wed.

Door Knobs on side of Harrah's building Fri.
Harrah's - flooded, next door to the hotel we stayed in

Stop sign behind hotel

Fawn and the flooding Ohio River

We stayed in Metropolis, IL.  It is across the river from Paducah.  Metropolis is the home of Superman
Allen and Glenna

Superman - Metropolis, IL

 At first, I thought this lady was a statue.  She stood so still.  Every now and then she would change her position.  What a way to make a buck, but I am sure she gets a "charge" out of the comments of people going by.  Some probably make her day. 
Statue Lady

Hancock's of Paducah

Blow-up Building
A few years ago, Paducah tore down a building that they used for the quilt show.  In it's place they poured a large concrete slab.  For the quilt show they erect a blow-up building on it.  It is amazing.  It is air conditioned, well lighted and you would never know that you are in a building they put up and tear down every year.  And what would a trip to Paducah be for a quilter without going to Hancock's?  I have bought on-line from Hancock's many times but have never been to the store.  I had no idea how large it was.  Don't look for any deals here though during quilt week there isn't any.  They do have flat folds at a reduced price, but everything else is at regular price.  I guess now I can say - I've been there. 

Judy Beskow Hoffman 1st place winner in Applique


Dot's Quilt

Three in our group had quilts accepted at Paducah, Allen, Glenna and Dot.  Judy Beskow was not with us and didn't go to Paducah this year.  She is the 1st place winner in applique in the Hoffman Challenge.  Her quilt was in a special exhibit.  Judy is a member of our guild in Lake Charles, LA and the guild in Beaumont, TX

If you would like to see a list of the winners and their quilts the following is the link.
We are looking forward to next years trip and hopefully we can do it without the storms and floods.

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