Monday, May 16, 2011

On my Design Wall and etc...........

copyright Sharie Paulson
I have a lot of Fig Tree Fabric.  I designed this quilt just to use that fabric.  Fig Tree has been designing fabric since 2004.  I have at least one piece of Fig Tree from every line that they have designed, that is 19 lines of fabric.  This quilt will have at least one design from every line they have created.  I am sending them an email to see if they are going to release any other designs between now and Dec. 31.  When I make the label I want to tell the story of the quilt and I want include anything up until the end of the year. 

I need to buy a new camera.  This picture is not true in color.  It is not what you see is what you get.  It is a Canon, thinking that it would be a good point and shoot camera, but it really does not do the job.  Any suggestions?

The right drain pipe
Across the yard to the end of the hedge - turn left - up the side of the house
I have had a busy day.  I took the cat to the vet for her yearly checkup and shots.  All was well with him.  Then Roto Rooter came to clean out the drain pipe for my mechanical system.  To me it makes good sense that this pipe would go in a straight line to the ditch.  So Vic (my son) Judy L.'s dad and I found a pipe (which was not easy since it is underground) going straight from the mechanical system to the ditch it made sense that we had the right pipe.  We rented an electric snake.  After many hours we found mud but not the other end of the pipe.  We gave up and so this morning I called Roto Rooter.  There is two methods that they use, one a snake and two water.  Since Vic and I had tried the snake I decided to use the water.  Besides the Roto Rooter man told me it was the safest way to go (no broken pipes).  So they sent their hose up the pipe and it kept going to no end.  They could not understand that.  So they decided to walk the ditch.  At my driveway they could hear water.  They took a shovel dug out a little ways, removed some leaves and there is a pipe.  Who would have ever thought that the pipe would cross my yard and go up the side of the house.  The other pipe we have no idea what that is for unless it is a drain for the former swimming pool, but I had the understanding that the pool drain pipe went behind the house.  Who knows..........

Then this afternoon I spent it sewing at a friends with other friends.  Of course we had good things to eat and had a lovely afternoon.

Hope all is well on your end............


  1. Love it Sharie, this is going to be another beautiful quilt. You have realy got alot done on this!

  2. The fabrics are so pretty and the pattern showcases them very nicely. Hope your cat is ok!

  3. The quilt is beautiful. Try adding more light, or even less light. I once read a suggestion from someone who shoots her pictures in a darkened room.

    How is the water where you are? We are high and dry in Baton Rouge.

  4. Your quilt is terrific. I am not sure a new camera will help. I got one for Mother's Day last year, hoping that would help my pictures and my colors still won't come out right. I am sure it is because of all of the money/energy saving light bulbs I now have. Where, oh, where are the old 75 watt bulbs.

  5. Sharie, I have more problems getting true color because of the lighting than because of my camera. I always go with Nikon but I know those who have and love other brands. If you're wanting a DSLR, I love my Nikon 3100.

  6. Hi Sharie - Just wanted to stop in and say thanks for featuring my "Going to Market" pattern on your blog. Also, fun to see that you are following ours as well. I will be checking back in on the progress of the quilts.
    Look forward to seeing them.